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Petpremium Liability Insurance Faq

At PetPremium, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about Pet Liability Insurance:

  1. Introduction to Basics
  2. Coverage Basics
  3. File a Claim
  4. Liability Insurance Coverage
  5. How to Apply
  6. Enroll Process
  7. About My Account
Petpremium Liability Insurance Faq

1.Introduction to Basics

What is Pet Liability Insurance?

Pet Liability Insurance is protection from financial liability that may arise if your pet bites or attacks a person or animal, or causes property damage.

Why do I need Pet Liability Insurance?

You may be excluded from homeowners’ insurance or prohibited to rent from a landlord if your pet doesn’t have liability insurance. Liability insurance claim costs have more than doubled in the past ten years, so it is important for both you and your pet to be protected in case an accident does happen.

What does Pet Liability Insurance cover?

Pet Liability Insurance covers financial liability due to your pet causing bodily injury or property damage. After paying your deductible, the liability insurance will cover the claim up to your limit.

How do I get a quote without talking on the phone?

You can simply go onto our website and enter your information online at at “Apply Now”. You will then be taken step by step through our application form where you will be able to select your coverage level and deductible.

2. Coverage Basics

How does the enrollment form work?

Our application form will take you through all the steps necessary to get you an initial quote in just a few simple clicks. Once you receive your quote and you wish to proceed and purchase, you can do so. If you want to think some more about it, that’s fine too. Your quote will be available for 60 days and we will send you an e-mail with the quote details shortly after completing the application. That way you can always simply get back to your original quote.

How much does pet liability insurance cost?

There is a right coverage plan and cost for every pet. The cost of liability insurance varies depending on factors like the level of incident coverage you choose and your deductible. There are also several payment options in order to make insurance affordable for everyone.

Is Pet Liability Insurance worth It?

Yes! Pet liability insurance plans share the financial risk associated with having a pet. The limit and deductible can vary from plan to plan. In exchange for your premium payment the pet insurance plan covers some of the costs associated with bites, attacks, and property damage according to the plans guidelines. We don’t expect your pet to cause harm, and we know you don’t either, but we all know that unexpected accidents can happen.

How can I compare insurance plans?

We want to make sure you pick the insurance plan that works best for you and your pup! Compare pet insurance and pick the one that is the best for your pet by following these steps: Compare Insurance Policy, Look at the Insurance Exclusions and Terms in the Coverage and Select your Pet Insurance Plan.

What is a limit?

A limit is the maximum dollar amount an insurance company will pay per claim or aggregate of claims. After the limit is reached, you will be held responsible to pay the remainder of the claim.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you must pay toward your pet’s claim before your insurance company will begin reimbursing you. By choosing a plan with a high deductible you can save money on premiums.

Can I get PetPremium liability insurance if my pet is not a dog?

Yes. Dog or cat described on the declarations page that you own and/or that resides with you.

Where can I reach a sales agent?

You can contact our team of experts at 1 (800) 757-6056, for any help or getting a quote.

What do I do in an accident?

Safety first! Make sure the victim receives medical attention right away. If your dog bites or attacks another person or animal, and once ready, immediately fill out a claim form and send it to our insuring company.

Why does my landlord require pet liability insurance?

In some cases, landlords can be held responsible in the case that one tenant’s dog attacks another tenant. Pet liability insurance is a way that take some of that responsibility off of the shoulders of landlords.

My homeowner’s insurance will not cover me unless I have pet liability insurance. Is that allowed?

Yes! Pets can cause damage to homes and people so homeowners’ insurance may require you to have pet liability insurance. Some insurance companies only require pet liability insurance for certain breeds of dogs. Check with your homeowners’ insurance company to see what their pet policy is.

3. File a Claim

How do I submit a pet insurance claim?

Fill out our online claim form, at

Am I held liable every time my pet bites or attacks someone?

No! Pet liability laws vary from state to state. Typically, you are not held responsible if your dog was provoked or if he bites a trespasser or a veterinarian during treatment. Be sure to read your state’s dog bite laws to learn what you will be held responsible for.

How long does the victim have to file a claim against me if my dog attacks?

In general there is a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury.

4. Liability Insurance Coverage

What are customary covered charges?

Pet Liability Insurance covers claims against your dog that include medical bills due to bodily injury, property damage other than your own, legal fees in case of court, and victim’s loss of wage.

If I have to go to court due to my dog’s attack, does pet liability insurance help cover legal fees?

Yes, legal fees are included in your total claim. We will cover your claim, including legal fees, up to your chosen limits.

What is not covered?

Exact coverage depends on the plan you choose. Be sure to create a coverage plan that works best for you!

If I am travelling and an accident happens, am I still covered?

Yes, you will still be insured outside of your residence. If you have more than three dogs or if your dog has a bite history, be sure to check that you would like coverage outside of your premises in the extended application.

Where do I have to live in order to be eligible for coverage?

We offer coverage everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Once I’ve enrolled, how long before my pet insurance is effective?

Coverage can starts instantly once you receive your quote!

What are the age requirements for your pet insurance?

For initial enrollment in our pet insurance, pets must be at least born.

What is a Billing Frequency?

Billing Frequency is how often you wish to make a payment for your policy. You may choose to pay your bills annually, or pay an initial portion upfront and the remaining porting on installments. Billing fees may apply. Keep in mind that if you select annual you can save on having to pay billing fees.

What is a Premium?

A premium is the cost of your annual policy for each pet. Your billing frequency could be annually, or pay an initial portion upfront and the remaining porting on installments.

What is a Policy Period?

The time period of coverage as specified on your declarations page.

What if I am an existing customer?

Based on your e-mail address and zip code, we see you have submitted and application during the last 30 days and we already have your information in our system. If you would like to proceed with a new application or just add another pet, click on that button option to get a new pet insurance quote. Please Contact customer support at 1 (800) 757-6056. Keep in mind that rates are subject to change.

5. How to Apply

Why is my Zip Code number asked for?

To give you an accurate quote, we need to know where you’re located. Rates may vary depending on the state you live in.

Can I update my pet’s information when I apply?

You may update your application before submission and easily add a pet or delete a pet from your application. Certain restrictions apply.

Can I add another pet on my form?

Yes, you can certainly add an extra pet! After selecting your policy level and deductible and selecting continue on your first pet, on the next page you will be able to add another pet.

Can I enroll my pet even if he has a bite history?

Yes! We insure all dogs. If your pet has a bite history, fill out the extended application form so we can get a little more information.

What happens if I don’t change the default settings of the limit or deductible?

Your plan will include a default set deductible. When you applying, please make any changes if you wish before continuing.

Do you guys verify my contact information?

Yes, we make sure that you enter a proper phone number and a correct email address. Your email address will be used to provide your quotes. Please review the email address you entered and correct any mistakes.

Why is my E-mail needed?

We are using your e-mail to store your personalized quote and you’ll be able to retrieve your quote at any time for 60 days after the quote is requested. Also, we’ll send you the quote per email including follow-ups.

Why do I need to fill my Phone Number?

We know how complex it can be to choose the right pet insurance. Our mission is to provide you with the best personal service possible. Please fill in your phone number so we can assist you further with your quote.

6. Enroll Process

What are my payment options?

Payments may be made by credit card only. We accept payments on an annual, or pay an initial portion upfront and the remaining porting on installments. You can change your payment method at the checkout page before enrolling.

Can I save money by paying annually?

Yes. The insurer will waive the finance charges if you pay your 12-month plan in full.

Is my Customer Information secure?

Yes, indeed all your personal and billing information below will be protected.

Do I need to select Payment Information?

Yes, on the check out page of the insurer, enter your payment information. Your information will be protected during this process.

Why is the Security Code needed?

By entering the verification code or security code that is located on your credit/debit card we make sure your information is correct.

7. About My Account

Can I cancel my pet liability insurance at any time?

We’re sure you’ll be happy with our coverage and service, but you can cancel at any time by contacting us. Just call us at 1-800-757-6056 to speak with a representative.

Will my policy be automatically renewed?

No! Your pet liability insurance will NOT be automatically renewed. We will contact you before renewal to review your situation and see if there are any new circumstances we need to take into account to offer you a new policy.

What happens at renewal?

We will contact you to discuss if you wish to issue a new policy.