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Seven Important Steps To Take In Case Of A Bite Incident

PetPremium knows how stressful an incident can be, so we made the process as easy as possible.

  • Restrain your Dog Separate your dog from the victim and place him in a safe place, such as a locked room, where he cannot reach other people or pets.
  • Help the Victim Some dog attacks are miniscule and nonthreatening, while others may require surgery. If you are unsure if the victim requires medical attention, play it safe and seek care immediately. As a rule of thumb, if the bite broke through skin, the victim will require medical attention. Find here our tips on first aid and know what to do in case of a dog bite.
Seven Important Steps To Take In Case Of A Bite Incident
  • Exchange Contact Information If possible, get the victim’s contact information before they are taken to the hospital. While still at the scene of the incident, get the names and contact information of all witnesses and police officers, if any.
  • Course of Action Consider the course of action you must take to protect you, your family, passerby’s, and your pet. If the attack was unprovoked and/or especially vicious, you may lose ownership of your dog, but if your dog was provoked or only caused a small amount of damage, there may be no charges pressed against you and your dog. Make sure to take everyone’s well-being into consideration when deciding your next steps.
  • Talk to the Victim Provide your dog’s veterinary records so they can feel secure that your pet’s shots and vaccinations are up-to-date. Find out if they are going to press charges or if you will be required to pay costs such as medical bills, lost wage, etc.
  • Complete the Claim Form Get the victim’s information necessary to complete the claim form. This information includes medical information such as the victim’s insurance agency name and contact information, the hospital the victim was taken to, any advising doctors, and any treatment the victim received for the incident, as well as the report number if a report was filed by law enforcement.
  • File a Claim If the victim is requiring that you pay for any damages, file a claim. You can e-mail, fax, and mail the form, or submit it directly online! Don’t let this incident make you responsible for a huge bill – PetPremium is here to protect you.