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Ten Tail Wagging Tips For Pet Liability Insurance

Check out these dog liability insurance tips:

  • Have a new puppy? Make signing up for insurance more convenient by registering for both PetPremium health and liability insurance for your new family member!
  • Sign up for dog liability insurance right away! It is best to always keep you and your pup protected.
Ten Tail Wagging Tips For Pet Liability Insurance
  • Have a big family that includes the four-legged guys? Register up to three pets in our enrollment process and complete our extended application form here, in case of more than 3 pets.
  • Want to save a couple of bucks? Pay annually in order to waive any finance costs!
  • Learn what your homeowners’ insurance policy is when I it comes to pets and certain breeds of dogs.
  • If you have a landlord, be sure to understand what his expectations are concerning your pup and its liability insurance.
  • Before signing up, read up on your state’s dog bite laws so you know what you will be held responsible for if an incident does happen. Laws vary state by state.
  • Keep Bella on a leash in a public places and take notice of local laws concerning animals.
  • Before adopting a pup, play with him to see how he interacts with children and other dogs.
  • Learn the warning signs of when a dog is feeling threatened or anxious and keep an eye out for them. See our infographic here about reading your dog’s body language.