What Is Dog Liability Insurance

Learn the basics before you sign up!

We see your pet just like you do- as a member of the family. However, your pet can become a huge financial liability if an accident happens. If your pet injures a person or animal, or causes property damage, you can be liable for a lot of money. You may become responsible for the costs of medical bills, attorney fees, loss of wage, construction to fix property damage, as wells as several other potential damages. Pet liability insurance protects you from these financial liabilities if your pet causes property damage or injures a person or animal.

What Is Dog Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance: Why do I need it?

Some homeowners’ insurance companies will exclude you and some landlords may prohibit you from renting if your dog does not have liability insurance. Some homeowners’ insurance companies include pet liability in their policies, but many companies reject breeds considered “dangerous” or specific dogs that have a bite history. PetPremium dog liability insurance includes all dogs- no matter their breed or their history. Even if your homeowner’s insurance company or landlord does not mandate that your dog is insured, pet liability insurance is important for all pet-owners to invest in. Claims can cost tens of thousands of dollars and leave you in debt if you are not prepared. Protect yourself and your pet with PetPremium liability insurance.

Apply here to sign up for PetPremium liability insurance:

  • Get a free quote by filling out this application form:
  • Include your information and your pet’s information.
  • Choose one of three levels of coverage and an annual deductible.
  • Complete this extended form if your dog has a bite history or if you are signing up more than three dogs.
  • Sign your dog up after 48 hours when the agent contacts you and offers you the policy! If you decide this policy is not for you, cancel your dog’s plan within thirty days and potentially receive a pro-rated refund.