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Arizona Az

Pet Insurance Arizona helps protect your pet from the inherent dangers of living in The Copper State. Many of these dangers can be resolved with medication and technologies, but treatments tend to be very expensive. Pet Insurance Arizona may reimburse you for these treatments when your pet becomes sick or injured.

Reasons to consider Pet Insurance in Arizona

Snakes  are everywhere, and just one snake bite can have your dog or cat fighting for its life. Living in Arizona, and your pet are exposed to 22 different species of venomous snakes.

Poisonous Snakes in Arizona

Below is a listing of the most commonly found poisonous snakes in Arizona:

Arizona coral snakeLyre snake
Banded Burrowing SnakeMojave Rattlesnake
Brown vine snakeNight Snake
Mexican vine snakeNorthern Blacktail Rattlesnake
Tropical vine snakePrairie Rattlesnake
Sidewinder RattlesnakeArizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake
Grand Canyon RattlesnakeSouthwestern Blackhead Snake
Arizona Black RattlesnakeSpeckled Rattlesnake
Great Basin RattlesnakeWestern Coral snake
Tiger RattlesnakeWestern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Hopi RattlesnakeWestern Shovel-nosed Snake

* Source: (Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, 2013)

Please remember that if your pet comes into contact with any of these above mentioned snakes, there are no home remedies available to cure them of the toxin.

Tips on Snake Bites in Dogs If a snake bites your pet, keep this tips in mind:

  • Keep your pet calm
  • Raise your pets heart above the level of the bite, if possible
  • Call your veterinarian and inform them that you are on your way
  • Do not attempt to extract the venom, clean the area, or apply a tourniquet
  • Do not apply ice

Pet Insurance Plans in Arizona

For more information about pet insurance plans available in Arizona, visit and find  topics about your pet health in our Pet Health Center or read tips about how to purchase pet insurance.