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Florida Fl

Florida Fl

Whether you live in Miami or Lake Harbor, pet owners all over the US have discovered the benefits of pet insurance. Pet insurance is a great idea for those living in Florida, the Sunshine State, because the climate can increase the chance for possible pet illnesses or injuries.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Florida

If you live in a warmer climate, such as Florida, as a pet owner you will be faced with dangers that do not exist in cooler environments, such as dehydration, spider and  snake bites, and parasites.

  • Dehydration Dehydration is one of the most preventable illnesses that can affect your pet in Florida’s hot weather. Dehydration transpires when your pet’s body fluid levels are less than ideal. To prevent dehydration, it’s very important that your dog has access to clean, fresh water. As a general rule of thumb, ensure your pet consumes at least one ounce of water for every pound it weighs. On hot days, your pet should drink more.
  • Spider and  Snake Bites Snake and spider bites are common accidents for dogs that spend any time in the outdoors. In fact, Florida is home to seven venomous snakes, including the Diamondback Rattlesnake. Florida also houses five venomous spiders: the Brown Recluse, Brown Widow, Northern Black Widow, Red Widow, and the Southern Black Widow.
  • Parasites Parasites are more common in warmer climates. The most common parasites that thrive in warmer climates are heartworms. Heartworms are a parasitic roundworm that is transmitted pet-to-pet via mosquitoes. Heartworms are especially threatening to Floridian pets since Florida is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. PetPremium provides a wellness benefit to help cover the cost of preventing and detecting heartworms.

Data About Pet Insurance in Florida

So, whether you live in Tallahassee or Orlando, pet insurance is a great investment in your pet’s health. For more information visit At, you can learn more about your pets health in our Pet Health Center.

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