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Georgia Ga

Georgia Ga

Whether you live in Atlanta or Savannah, pet owners all over Georgia have learned the value of pet insurance GA.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Georgia

Pet insurance in Georgia is a great idea for those living in the Peach State because of Georgia’s warm climate and leading position in liability claim costs. Pets that live in warmer climates will be faced with dangers that do not exist in cooler environments, such as dehydration and heatstroke.

  • Dehydration Dehydration is one of the most preventable illnesses that can affect your pet in Georgia’s hot weather. Dehydration transpires when your pet’s body fluid levels are less than ideal. To prevent dehydration, it’s very important that your dog has access to clean fresh water. As a general rule of thumb, ensure your pet consumes at least one ounce of water for every pound it weighs. On hot days, your pet should drink more.
  • Heatstroke Dogs and cats can suffer from heatstroke just like humans. Look out for symptoms such as fatigue, panting, vomiting, and glazed over eyes that may be a sign your pet is suffering from heatstroke. Heatstroke is preventable, so make sure to keep your pet hydrated in hot weather, never leave him/her alone in the car, and beware of your pet lying on hot asphalt. If you do see these symptoms, soak your pet in cold water and seek veterinary care immediately. (

Pet Liability Insurance in Georgia

In addition to health insurance, liability insurance is a smart investment for both you and your pet. Liability insurance protects you from financial burdens that arise if your pet ever causes bodily harm or property damage to a third party. Pet liability insurance is a particularly important investment to make when living in Georgia. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Georgia had the seventh highest value in pet liability claims in the US. In 2014, 388 pet liability claims were made in Georgia at an average of $31,497 per claim ( The claims valued at a total of 12.2 million dollars at the end of the year ( In 2012, Georgia passed “the Responsible Dog Owner Act”, a law that hold owners responsible for any damages their dog causes. So, if you are a dog owner and Georgia and your dog causes harm or damage, you can expect to be held liable for associated costs.

So whether, you live in Tucker or Buckhead, pet insurance is a great investment in your pet’s health. For more information about pet insurance Georgia, visit At, you can learn more about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.