Hawaii Hi

Hawaii Hi

If you are like most pet owners, your pet is an essential part of the family. Protect your pet like you would your family with Hawaii pet health insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Hawaii

Hawaii’s warm climate and island geography makes it the ideal state for swimming, either in the ocean or in a pool. Unfortunately, so many large bodies of waters can pose a threat to your pet. Pet Insurance Hawaii helps to protect our pets from these risks.

While not all pets are agile swimmers, many dogs are better swimmers than humans. Their waterproof coat, elevated head, and lower center of gravity make for efficient swimmers. Still, it is estimated that thousands of pets die each year from drowning, and many more near drown. The US Coast Guard warns pet owners to stay on land if your pet is caught in a wave, as they are better swimmers than us.

If your pet does near drown, bring him or her to the veterinarian immediately. Life threatening or other severe conditions that are not immediately visible to the eye may arise. Veterinarian care for near drowning usually consists of oxygen therapy, blood pressure monitoring, and more. The average cost of treatment for near drowning is $531.

Pet Safety in Hawaii Tips

  • Do not assume that your pet knows how to swim.
  • Fence in your pool so your pet cannot reach it unaccompanied.
  • Never throw your pet into a body of water.
  • Demonstrate to your pet how to get out of a body of water.
  • If your pet cannot swim and is near water, consider a pet lifejacket.

More about Pet Insurance in Hawaii

For more information about pet insurance HI or other hidden dangers, visit PetPremium.com. At PetPremium.com, you can learn more about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.