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Whether you live in Aberdeen or Winchester, pet owners all over Idaho have discovered the advantages of pet insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Idaho

Pet insurance in Idaho is a great idea for those living in the Gem State. One of the hidden dangers for pets at home in Idaho is the outdoors. For a new puppy or older dog, the outdoors offers exciting places to play but an unsupervised dog can get into trouble. So review some common outdoor danger areas:

  • Pastures A new puppy or a dog new to any farm, will usually get excited when seeing farm animals and begin to bark. When introducing a new dog to a farm make sure that the dog is introduced supervised. This offers the pet and the animal protection from each other as some farm animals can get aggressive and/or scared and might trample a dog that is unaware.
  • Cold Temperature Exposure Extreme cold can be deadly to an outside dog. Keeping your pet inside is the best solution during colder months, but might not always be the preferred method. An insulated dog house or insulated barn can be a suitable alternative shelter from the wind and cold for your four-legged friend. Plus, keeping your pet’s water and food in this shelter can make sure your pet has adequate access to unfrozen water.
  • Compost Pile Food located in your compost pile can make your dog sick or cause injury. Most composters tend to discard most table scrapes into these bins which can create an unknown hazard. A dog can ingest a chicken or other meat bone which can puncture its throat. In addition to bones, the natural decay process of the food can make your dog sick.

More about Pet Insurance in Idaho

These are just few of the outdoor dangers that can affect your dog, but don’t despair the outdoors is a great place for your pet to play and live. For more information about plants that are toxic and how Idaho pet insurance plans help cover accidental ingestion, visit At, you can findtopics about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.