North Carolina Nc

North Carolina Nc

Whether you live in Raleigh or Charlotte, pet owners all over North Carolina have learned of the benefit of pet insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in North Carolina

Pet insurance NC is a great idea for those living in the Tar Heel state. In 1989, the North Carolina General Assembly adopted the Plott hounds as the state dog since it’s the oldest breed of dog to have its origins in the state.

Plott Houndas State Dog in North Carolina

Most American hounds have a British ancestry, the Plott Hound does not. In 1750, Jonathan Plott and his brother left Germany and settled in North Carolina. They took with them five Hanoverian Hounds. After their arrival, they bred their dogs with Bloodhounds and Curs. For the next two hundred years, the dogs were bred by the Plott family members and have maintained is presence in the southern United States. The Plott Hound is a medium-sized dog. The skull is moderately flat with well-fitted skin. The coat is smooth, short and glossy and can be solid black, any shade of brindle, black with brindle trim, brindle with black saddle and buckskin. They can weigh between 45 to 55 pounds and have an average height of 20 to 24 inches. Plott hounds make great companions due to their loyal nature. Plott hounds are quick learners and are great with children. They are courageous and will play chicken with a bear or an angry boar. They need a calm, firm, consistent and confident owner. The strong>Plott hounds is very quick footed with superior treeing instincts and is a favorite of big-game hunters.

More About Pet Insurance in North Carolina

So whether you have a Plott hounds or a Chihuahua, pet insurance is important for North Carolinians. For more information about North Carolina pet insurance, visit At PetPremium, you can learn more about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.