Ohio Oh

Ohio Oh

A half century ago, owning a pet was a lot simpler in Ohio.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Ohio

Ohio pet insurance helps avoid the tough choice between your pet’s care and your finances. Besides better pet health care, license laws enforcement in Ohio is on the rise. Ohio is one of few states that has a dog license at the state level.

Did you know that Ohio State Statute §§ 955.01 requires dogs to be licensed in the county of residence? In addition to the license requirement, the law states that the owner must be in control of their dog at all times. Between December and January, every year the licenses comes up for renewal and with new licenses being obtained within 30 days of arrival to the county. The collected funds goes to pay for the cost of the program, reimbursement for killed livestock by unidentified dogs, and to help cover the cost of confinement for stray dogs.

Failure to license a canine in Ohio results in a ticket for violating the law. In addition for not having a license, owners can be cited for not having the dog in their control at all times. Cost of the citation varies by county but can be as much as $75*. In addition, if the dog is picked up as a stray because the owner failed to keep it under control, Animal Control can issue a second citation and the shelter holding your pet will charge boarding fees for the number of days the dog is in the shelter.

More About Pet Insurance in Ohio

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