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Pet owners all over Oregon have discovered the benefit of pet insurance in Oregon.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Oregon

So you are planning a road trip and you are planning on bringing your four-legged friend along. Did you know most pet insurance Oregon  policies potentially cover your pets if injured while traveling with you in a car in the United States or Canada?

Before you hit the pedal to the metal, take these precautions:

Train Your Pet to Travel by Car Every pet needs to become acclimated to riding in an automobile as motion sickness is something you do not want to learn on a long trip. If you can, start training your pet when they are a kitten or puppy. Let them explore the car when it’s still. Feeding them their meal or a treat are a great way to help your pet associate the car as a good thing.

After they have become comfortable, take them on a short drive around the block or a small trip around town while continuously praising and rewarding them when they are a calm. Over time, gradually work your pet up to longer rides.

Secure and Safe A pet roaming around the car during a trip is distracting and dangerous for the pet. If your pet is crate trained, keeping them in the crate will keep them in one place, plus provide protection during sudden stops. If your pet is not crate trained, then a barrier is a great way to keep them in the backseat. Place their favorite toys and a blanket in the car – it helps them feel at home.

Break the Trip Up Unlike us, pets need to stop at least every four to six hours. Take them out for a walk, so they can relieve themselves and let them grab a drink of some fresh water. Also, try to keep your pet on their regular schedule for food, but do limit the portion as they are not active when traveling.

No Pets = No Go Attractions on the side road might seem like fun, but if your pet cannot go you should skip it. Pets that are left unattended in a hot car can develop heatstroke or in a cold car, hypothermia. If the weather is mild, you can leave your pet for short periods, but park in a shady area with the windows down – where fresh air can get in, but the pet cannot get out.

More About Pet Insurance in Oregon

For more information about Oregon pet insurance plans, visit PetPremium.com. At PetPremium.com, you can find topics about your pet health in our Pet Health Center or read tips about how to purchase pet insurance.