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Rhode Island Ri

Rhode Island Ri

Whether you live in Providence or Greenville, pet owners all over Rhode Island have been exposed to the benefits of pet insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Rhode Island

Pet insurance in Rhode Island is a great idea for those living in the Ocean State. With over 14% of Rhode Island’s geography being near bays or inlets, pet owners need to be aware of the dangers of taking your dog to a beach.

These simple tips, will make any beach trip with your pet safe and fun:

  • Don’t Drink the Seawater – When near any salt water body, it is important to make sure you bring your own fresh water for your pet. When dogs consume too much seawater they can develop an upset stomach, dehydration or salt toxicity. It is important to be proactive with your pet and offer them fresh water throughout the day.
  • Avoid Sea Blooms – Contact with a red tide can cause serious problems for your dog. The algae’s in the bloom create a toxin that can cause skin irritation, liver failure, digestive upset, or even death. The best advice is to keep dogs away from a sea bloom.
  • Paw Protection – Take time throughout the day to check your pet’s paws. Hot sand and seashells can cause damage to your pet’s paws.
  • Watch What They Eat – Some beaches have litter, decaying animals and other objects that your pet might ingest. Depending on what they consume, your pet might have to have surgery to remove the object or might get an upset stomach.
  • Beware heatstroke – Unlike humans, your pets have to pant in order to remove extra body heat. A great rule of thumb is if it’s too hot for you than it is definitely too hot for your pet. So prevent heatstroke, make sure that your pet has access to shade and an adequate supply of water.

More About Pet Insurance in Rhode Island

For more information about Rhode Island pet insurance, visit At, you can learn more about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.