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Utah Ut

Whether you live in Layton or Salt Lake City, pet owners all over Utah have discovered the advantages of pet insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Utah

Pet insurance Utah is a great idea for those living in the Beehive State. One of the hidden dangers for pets at home are the plants in your yard. For new puppies, the outdoors offer exciting new places to explore but an unsupervised puppy can get into a lot of trouble. So keep a look out for the following outdoor hazards.

  • Temperature Exposure Extreme cold or heat can be deadly! Keeping your pet inside during extreme temperatures is the preferred method of protection, but not always available. Make sure that your dog has an insulated doghouse or some other form of shelter from the cold or inclement weather. During warmer weather, make sure that your pet has access to a shady spot so your puppy can escape the sun. Also, make sure that your puppy has access to plenty of fresh clean water.
  • Garbage Compost and garbage bins need to be kept separate from your pet. Bones from chicken or other meat can splinter and pierce your puppy’s throat or intestine. Foods located in the compost pile can make your dog sick.
  • Lawn and Garden Chemicals Fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemicals need to be stored in a shed or garage out of your puppy’s reach. These products can be potentially poisonous and deadly if you puppy ingests them. A good rule of thumb is: When you spray, keep your puppy away.
  • Plants Poisonous to Dogs and Cats Outdoor plants can he hazardous to your little guy. Some plants to keep an eye out for are Azaleas, Daphne, Golden Chain, Lantana Camara (Red Sage), Laurels, Wisteria, and Yew.
  • Sticks Some dogs are food motivated while others are stick motivated. But just like chicken bones, sticks can puncture your dog intestine or throats if chewed. Train your pet the fun of playing with the sticks but offer him ropes and nylon bones to play with if he starts to chew on them.

It may seem like your yard is full of danger for your puppy, but it’s still one of the safest places for your puppy to play, so enjoy the outdoor playtime! Find here a list of tips to pet proof your home for this new family member.

More About Pet Insurance in Utah

For more information about plants that are toxic and how Utah pet insurance plans help cover accidental ingestion, visit PetPremium.com. At PetPremium, you can find topics about your pet health in our Pet Health Center or read tips about how to purchase pet insurance.