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Sample Accident-Only Plan (PDF)

Learn more about our Accident-Only Plan



Learn more about Sample Policy TOTAL COVERAGESM Plan


Sample Preventive Care Endorsement: Basic (PDF)

Learn more about Policy Plan, Preventive Care Endorsement: Basic


Sample Preventive Care Endorsement: Prime (PDF)

Learn more about Policy Plan, Preventive Care Endorsement: Prime


What Dog Breed is Right for Me eBook (PDF)

We compiled this eBook for future pet parents and pet parents who are looking for a new pet dog to add to their family. The eBook is full of tips on how to pick the right dog breed for you and your family, useful dog breed information and advice on how to find a reputable dog breeder.


Claim form (PDF)

Download our claim form here and fill out your general information and the diagnoses of your dog or cat before sending it back to us. We made filing a claim easy and fast!


Heat Stroke in Dogs (HTML)

PetPremium’s Infographic: When is it too hot for your dog?


What Does Your Pet Say About You? (HTML)

Ever wondered what your pet can say about you and your personality? Check it out in this infographic!


Pet Insurance Market 2013 (HTML)

Explore the benefits of pet insurance, the cost of pet care and pet insurance providers in the US.


Notice to California Consumers (PDF)

Find important information to help you understand our coverage. Keep in mind this information contains all details about the Notice to California users with Plans Accident-Only or TOTAL COVERAGESM.


For your convenience we made a listing of our most important files, including our eBook, PetPremium´s brochure and different policy levels. You can always come to this page to download your claim form as well. To download the file just click on the “download” link.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can reach our team here!

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