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How to choose a dog breed?

Welcoming a dog into your family is a huge responsibility and a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is like getting kids and the responsibility that comes with being a parent. As a future pet parent you want to make sure you find the right dog breed that fits best with your personality, your family and your lifestyle.

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Whether you´re looking for a small companion dog, a dutiful watch dog, or a jolly jogging companion we have the dog breed information you´re looking for and it is all provided in one eBook full of tips on how to pick the right dog for you and your family. When selecting a dog breed you may have many questions such as should I adopt or shop a dog and how to find a reputable and responsible dog breeder? Your journey to find a wonderful companion starts here, ENJOY!

This eBook offers a guideline and brings you closer to the right dog breed for you, step by step. The following topics are covered: