Chinese Shar-pei Puppy Ziggy Falling Asleep

Meet Ziggy, the cutest Chinese Shar-pei puppy ever falling asleep. Not only his looks and wrinkles are adorable… he also snores when he falls asleep! Ziggy is a Male Shar-pei and only 10 months old when the video was taken by his owner. Don´t forget to turn on your speaker to hear the noises coming out of this little guy! You will be surprised! His head kept failing of the arm rest over and over again while he was sleeping on his owner´s couch. But little Ziggy keeps on sleeping very deep and doesn´t seem to matter. LOL! SHARE & Like if you enjoyed watching Chinese Shar-pei pup Ziggy! Any proud Chinese Shar pei owners out there?! SHARE share share

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