Skyes Brave Fight, Sweet Pitbul

Skye was a foster fail. She came into our care through a family member, but when we found out that the people we were supposed to turn her over to were the same people who had mistreated and abused her we just could not give her back. She became an instant member of our family and filled a great void for her papa. Skyes dad is a combat veteran who suffers from PTSD. After working with her, Skye was able to become an emotional support companion for him. This past October Skye was diagnosed with cancer. We thought we were covered because we had Embrace pet insurance. After filing our claims and begining treatment we received notice that Embrace would not pay out on our claims. After appeals and letters from several doctors and specialists Embrace has still refused to cover treatment for Skyes care, calling it an orthopedic condition. We are out of money and still have a long road ahead of us. We chose this picture because it reminds us how strong our girl is and that no matter what we need to fight for her. This picture was her first night home after having her eye, part of her skull, half her jaw joint, and a large tumor removed. Her surgery and sheer fight for life has earned her an upgrade in her name, from Skye to Skyeclops

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