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How To Find A Responsible And Reputable Cat Breeder

If a particular purebred cat has captured your attention and you wish to welcome one into your life, it is essential to do your homework in order to ensure that your new feline friend is physically and emotionally healthy.

How To Find A Responsible And Reputable Cat Breeder

Get to Know the Breed

The local animal shelters are filled with kittens and cats in need of homes, but if you desire a particular breed of cat, then you will have to buy a cat from a reputable breeder. Before you make the investment, research your chosen breed thoroughly. Each different breed has its own personality traits and care needs, and you need to determine whether or not the breed that you admire the appearance of is really the right match for your personality and lifestyle. Taking in any cat is a commitment that can be expected to last upwards of 10 to 20 years. If you adore Ragdoll cats, learn as much as you can about them before you visit any ragdoll cat breeders. Converse with several owners of ragdoll cats. You can accomplish this by attending a cat show and through online forums and social media groups where members are dedicated to discussing their ragdoll cats. Another good source of information about a particular cat breed is the breed’s club. Most breed clubs have their own websites.

Where to Buy a Cat

Once you have confirmed that the ragdoll cat or the Siamese cat is the kitty for you, it is time to seek out Ragdoll cat breeders or Siamese cat breeders. There are cat breeders for every different breed of cat, and you will need to find one that is reputable. Anyone can breed cats, but a reputable cat breeder is one who is dedicated to preserving and improving the ideal health and temperament of their cats. Responsible breeders want to know to whom their cats are going and are stringent in their requirements when it comes to placing their cats into homes. Reputable breeders genuinely care about all of their cats, and they will never sell their cats to pet stores for resale. If you spy a Himalayan in the pet shop, it did not come from a responsible Himalayan cat breeder. The cat more likely came from a breeder who focuses primarily on producing a large number of cats to sell for profit, paying far less attention to producing cats in good health and with the best temperaments.

Finding a Reputable Cat Breeder

The best place to seek out a reputable cat breeder is through one of the cat show associations. Cat breeders that are devoted to their cats want to show the cats and earn recognition for their efforts toward bettering the breed. In order to show their cats, they must register with one of these associations and maintain good standing. The websites for the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association are excellent places to start in your quest to track down some local breeders. You may also consider asking a your veterinarian if he or she knows of any responsible cat breeders in your area. If the veterinarian knows of anyone who owns a cat from one of these breeders, ask if he or she might be able to connect you with that owner so that you can obtain a breeder reference.

Things to Look For In a Responsible Breeder

A cat breeder must be willing to talk about their cats and about their facility. Walk away from a breeder who hedges when answering certain questions or whose face does not light up when talking about their cats. A reputable breeder’s facility should participate in a cattery inspection program, which is a voluntary program in which veterinarians conduct inspections to confirm that a cattery’s environment is healthy. A breeder should also be willing to furnish documentation of all medical tests performed on their cats to prove the absence of infectious and contagious illnesses. A breeder should also guarantee the health of each cat that they sell and provide a health certificate that has been signed by a veterinarian. Once you have determined that the breeder can carry out these requirements, the interview process should continue.

The Interview

This is a good time to verify what you know about your chosen cat breed and to ask any further questions regarding their care, breed specific genetic health concerns, diet and grooming needs. You should also ask to see the breeder’s contract that you will be expected to sign, and ask for clarification on any points that you do not understand. A reputable breeder will require the kitten or cat to be spayed or neutered.

Expect the interview to work both ways. The breeder who cares about where their kittens or cats go will have plenty of questions for you. This is a sign of a responsible breeder. You will be asked about your home setting, living arrangements, household family members, lifestyle, work schedule, other pets in the household and the health history of your other pets. You may need to supply personal references and your veterinarian’s contact information, and you may need to agree to a home visitation from the breeder prior to purchasing the cat.

Lifelong Relationships

Once you have purchased a kitten or cat from a responsible and reputable cat breeder, you will reap the rewards of a lifelong bond with your new feline friend. You may also acquire another friend in the breeder, who has entrusted their cat’s life to your care. Reputable cat breeders do not cease to care about their furry charges once they leave the catteries. They delight in occasional updates and photographs from the new owners. It gives them pleasure to see their cats in happy and loving homes. A responsible breeder also wants to know if an unexpected medical issue pops up in one of their cats so that they can use that knowledge toward improving the health of their future cats. Once you have developed a communicative relationship with your cat’s breeder, you will know exactly where to turn to buy a cat when you are ready to introduce that second Persian into your household.

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