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Long Haired Dogs

If you admire the look of a longhaired show dog with its flowing long locks, you may be considering a longhaired breed as your next family member. Keep in mind that these dogs with long hair require extensive and time-consuming grooming efforts to keep their coats free of tangles and mats. Before you make that commitment, research what is entailed in grooming the coats of the specific long haired dog breeds that you are considering. While the dog world offers numerous shorthaired breeds to choose from, there are fewer options when it comes to selecting from the long haired dogs. Here are 10 long haired dog breeds that present luxurious coats and offer hours of grooming pleasure.

Large Longhaired Breeds


This gentle and loving herding breed comes in two coat types. The variation that was popularized in the television series “Lassie” is the rough collie. The long, straight coat of the rough collie comes in sable and white, blue merle and tricolor. The collie is one of the most affectionate of the larger long haired dogs, and it gets along with children and other pets.

Old English Sheepdog

The cheerful and shaggy Old English sheepdog is known for its dense, long coat that conceals its watchful eyes. The coat may be gray and white, blue and white, blue merle and white or grizzle and white.Old English sheepdogs are protective herders that enjoy the company of their family members, including the children. They are playful dogs that enjoy entertaining their families with clown-like antics.

Afghan Hound

Out of all of the dogs with long hair, the dignified and independent Afghan hound is one of the most revered contestants in the show rings. The f lowing silky coat comes in a variety of color choices and markings. The Afghan hound can be challenging to train, it has a strong prey drive and it prefers to run at full speed around its property than to engage in interactive play with its owners. This breed is best suited to calm households that are seeking a faithful companion.

Bearded Collie

The boisterous and keenly intelligent bearded collie ’s double coat may be blue, black, fawn or brown, with or without white markings. The bearded collie is a delightful family pet that revels in playtime with the children. Bearded collies are enthusiastic and skilled agility course contenders.


This watchful and quiet dog is noted for its heavy, dense coat of long white cords. Komondors do not shed. Around two years of age, the long coat forms itself into cords. These cords can become entwined and tangled with one another, and they must be separated manually on a regular basis to prevent mats from forming. Komondors are protective guardians that require socialization at an early age.

Small Longhaired Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

This popular small breed sports a long and silky coat of tan with steel blue markings. True to its terrier temperament, the Yorkshire terrier can be stubborn and tenacious, and it has an adventurous spirit. The lively little dog makes a playful companion and loving lap occupant.

Shih Tzu

The proud shih tzu ’s long and straight coat comes in an extensive variety of color choices. The shih tzu sheds minimally, making it a good choice for a family that is seeking a hypoallergenic dog.Shih tzus are lively, cheerful and playful, and they are equally content to romp through the home or to relax on a favorite person’s lap.


The elegant and gleaming long locks of the Maltese are always snowy white in hue. Lemon or pale tan shading may or may not be present on the ears. This toy breed is bold and confident, and it can be feisty when it feels stressed. They are playful little dogs, but they are best suited to adult households or families with mature children.

Lhasa Apso

The sturdy and dignified Lhasa apso ’s coat comes in a choice of several colors and markings. The overall appearance of a Lhasa apsoresembles a tiny lion. Lhasa apsos are entertaining companions and alert watchdogs. They can be independent and stubborn, but they are devoted to their families.

Coton de Tulear

The playful and friendly coton de Tulear is clad in a soft coat of white, with or without gray or yellow markings. This sweet dog gets along with children and other pets, and it thrives best on human companionship. The coton de Tulear is sturdy and agile, making it a skilled competitor in a variety of canine sports activities.

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