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Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff

The Spanish mastiff originated in the Estremadura region of Spain. The breed evolved from the ancient molosser dogs that date back to 2000 B.C. Over the centuries, the Spanish mastiff was utilized as a guard dog to protect the home and livestock against predators and intruders. Today, the Spanish mastiff is still used for guard duty, law enforcement work, hunting and military work. The Spanish mastiff is the most popular dog in in Spain. Its popularity parallels that of the Labrador retriever in the United States. The Spanish mastiff is the official national dog of Spain.

The Spanish Mastiff, also called Mastin, is a very large, powerful breed with a rectangular body and an overall muscular and athletic appearance. Spanish Mastiffs have large heads with broad muzzles and strong jaws. Their ears are v-shaped and pendant. There are two regional varieties of the breed: The Mastin Pesado, the heavier type from the North, and the Mastin Ligero, a lighter and more agile type from the South. The Spanish Mastiff's coat is short, with a dense undercoat and a woolly overcoat. The coat should be brushed regularly.


Mastins are calm, dignified and serious dogs. They are not overly affectionate, although they are people-oriented dogs. Mastins are loyal, brave and courageous. They are sometimes lazy and have average exercise needs. When they are younger they may have to be taken out longer or more frequently to exert their energy. They are very protective and, like most herding breeds, have a mind of their own and are often independent and stubborn. They are very protective and can get aggressive if they feel other animals or strangers are threats to their owners or themselves.

Breed Characteristics

Life Span:8-10 Years
Nicknames:Mastin Espanol, a mastin d’Espana, a mastin de la Mancha, a mastin de Estremadura and a mastin de Leon.

Spanish Mastiff Build Information

As the largest of all of the native Spanish dog breeds, the Spanish mastiff stands at an average height of 28 to 35 inches at the shoulders and tips the scales at an average weight of 145 to 220 pounds. The smooth coat may be black, gray, reddish-brown, red or yellow. Spotted or broken color patterns may be present. The earflaps hang downward, and the long tail also hangs downward.

Length (Male):27-33 in.
Length (Female):22-24 in.
Weight:> 65 lbs

Behaviour and Personality

The Spanish mastiff is fiercely loyal toward its family. It is an alert and protective guard dog. The Spanish mastiff is patient with older children and can get along with other pets as long as it is raised and socialized with them from an early age. Spanish mastiffs are stubborn and challenging to train. This is not a dog for a novice owner and trainer. This breed requires dedicated obedience training and socialization from an early age with someone who is experienced in training and can assume the dominant role.

Activity Level:Moderately Active
Affection Level:Affectionate
Kid Friendliness:Friendly


Wipe the smooth coat of a Spanish mastiff once a week with a grooming mitt to remove loose hair and restore luster. Inspect the ears once a week, and clean them if needed to prevent ear infections. Prevent periodontal disease by brushing the teeth at least three times a week.

Grooming:Medium Maintenance

Spanish Mastiff Common Health Conditions

Spanish mastiffs live average lifespans of 8 to 10 years. Some health problems to be aware of in this breed include hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, entropion, panosteitis and gastric torsion, or bloat.

Spanish Mastiff Pet Insurance

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Breed Talents and Facts

Although popular in its homeland, the Spanish mastiff is a rare breed to come by in the United States. The Spanish mastiff originated in Spain. The Spanish mastiff is also called a mastin Espanol, a mastin d’Espana, a mastin de la Mancha, a mastin de Estremadura and a mastin de Leon. The Spanish mastiff is a loyal, fearless ad protective guard dog. The Spanish mastiff stands 28 to 35 inches tall and weighs an average of 145 to 220 pounds. The Spanish mastiff has a moderate energy level. The Spanish mastiff requires minimal grooming. The average lifespan for a Spanish mastiff is 8 to 10 years.

Training:Moderately easy to train