10 Dog Behavior Problems

Dog behavior problems can get out of hand if they aren’t addressed swiftly. A little bit of growling near dinnertime can turn into dangerous food aggression, if not corrected.

10 Dog Behavior Problems

Handling dog behavior problems swiftly is the best option. Ultimately, the key to dog training is consistency.

Behavior problems

  • Chewing Chewing is one of the most destructive dog behavior problems. Puppies love expensive shoes, bags and furniture ! Puppies that chew should have appropriate toys for safe chewing.
  • Barking Many dog training professionals recommend training a bark and quiet command. It is also important to address underlying issues when handling problems in dog behavior. Find more tips on how to stop your dog from barking here.
  • Jumping Up Dogs should never be allowed to jump up on guests. This bad habit is rude and embarrassing. Many dogs jump up to greet people. One should ignore the dog’s plea for attention.
  • Biting dogs Biting is one of the most dangerous bad habits to correct. Correcting dangerous dog problems is essential for the safety of the family. It is important to correct a puppy bite with a firm response. A loud, firm command will often work. When dealing with full-grown dogs that bite, it is wise to consult a professional dog trainer.
  • Food Aggression Food aggression is about dominance and control over resources. Growling near the food bowl should never be tolerated. Difficult cases may need professional intervention.
  • Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety can be incredibly difficult to correct. Owners can leave and return to their dogs during short training sessions. It is absolutely vital that one does not indulge an excitable pup upon return.
  • Inappropriate Elimination Inappropriate elimination can drive owners crazy. Medical issues should be ruled out with a veterinarian before training begins. Sometimes, more frequent trips outside with positive reinforcement fixes inappropriate elimination.
  • Digging How to keep dogs from digging ? It doesn’t take long for a digger to ruin a beautiful lush yard. Sometimes, providing a sandbox for appropriate digging is a great way to save the yard.
  • Begging Although begging may be cute, it is a terrible habit. Everybody in the family should utilize the dog training tips. Dogs should never be indulged with treats when they are begging.
  • Leash Pulling Many owners are embarrassed at how terrible their dogs are on the leash. Persistent and excitable dogs can be hard to discourage. A consistent, firm command should help with dogs that pull.

Utilizing a few dog training tips is a great start for people facing serious dog problems. The longer a dog develops a behavior problem, the more difficult it will be to fix. Issues with dog behavior should always be corrected as soon as possible.