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All About Dogs

People are crazy about dogs. Since wild dogs were domesticated 33,000 years ago, millions of people have welcomed canines into their lives. Read here all about dogs and some fast facts that you may not have known about our well-loved companions.

All About Dogs

All about dogs for dog lovers

  • Dog Breeds Do you know how many dog breeds there are in the world? There are over 300 distinct  dog   breeds around the globe. America’s most popular dog registry, the American Kennel Club (AKC), recognizes 175 of these breeds. The Kennel Club recognizes 210 dog breeds.
  • Largest Dog Breed People are mesmerized by giant dogs. These towering animals are impressive and commanding. The largest dog breed today is the Irish Wolfhound. Standing at least 32-inches tall at the shoulders and weighing more than 100 pounds, this canine is an amazing family companion.
  • Heaviest Dog Breed While many giant breeds are impressive thanks to their height, others are stunning due to their weight. The heaviest dog breed is the English Mastiff. Standing nearly 32 inches at the shoulder, this giant breed can weigh in at a hefty 250 pounds.
  • Smallest Dog Breed Toy breeds are the smallest members of the canine family. Of the toy breeds, the Chihuahua  is the smallest of them all. Typical Chihuahuas  weigh an average of five pounds and stands under 10-inches tall. Teacup, toy breeds have taken on popularity recently but are not officially recognized by any dog registry.
  • Most Bizarre Looking Dog People have their own ideas of what makes a dog beautiful and what makes a dog ugly. What most people can agree on is that the Chinese Crested is one of the most bizarre-looking breeds in the world. Chinese Cresteds  are immediately recognizable due to their lack of fur. Having hair only on their paws, tails and the top of their heads, these dogs are nothing if not unique.
  • Friendliest Dog Breeds If you have children, it’s important that you bring a patient, friendly dog into your home. Some dogs are known for their love of all humans. Among these dog breeds are the  Golden Retriever, the Labrador, the Poodle, and the Irish Setter. Each of these dog breeds is typically patient with children, friendly towards strangers, and fiercely loyal to their family.

Be sure to also consider adoption from one of the many  animal shelters  and dog rescue facilities that are full of dogs in need of loving homes.

All about dogs, from the largest dog breeds to the smallest breed, dogs are an amazing part of our world. What fun facts can you find about your favorite breed ? Browse through this website to learn more about your four-legged friend. Go here for a detailed list of all dog breeds.