Best Toy Dogs

Toy dogs (very small dogs ) have surged in popularity over the last several years. Their manageable size has made them adaptable to urban lifestyles. Celebrities like Paris Hilton can often be sited with their little furry darlings in tow. Many embrace the doll-like appeal of toy dogs through the extensive array of complete clothing lines, designer carrying totes and little fashion collars studded with bling.

Best Toy Dogs

Working families appreciate that the delicate physique of these canine cuties makes them ideal candidates for pad or  litter box training. Toy dogs also serve well as lap warming companions on chilly evenings.

Toy Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club  ( AKC ) recognizes over twenty different small dog breeds. The smallest dog breed is the  Chihuahua, averaging five pounds in weight, while Pugs average 18 pounds and claim the title of largest toy breed.

Some popular short-haired types of toy dogs include:Best Toy Dogs

For a medium-haired toy dog, consider these popular types of toy dogs :

If you enjoy grooming  luxurious long locks, these popular long-haired toy dogs will keep you brushing:Best Toy Dogs

Go here  for an even more extensive dogs breeds list.

Toy Dog Conditions

While many people enjoy dressing up these furry little companions, remember that the smallest toy dogs are very delicate. She may look like a little doll in the tiny dress and straw hat, but treat her like fragile China doll at that. Toy dog health issues deem that this is not a dog for roughhousing with the children. One toy dog health condition is injury as a result of being accidentally stepped on or tripped over. Outfit your toy dog with a collar that has a bell so that family members always hear when he or she is en route to becoming underfoot.

Another toy dog health condition is sustaining trauma from a fall. The bed may not seem high off of the ground to you, the distance is a long way down for a little Papillon  or  Chihuahua. Provide intermediate steps for safe access on and off of furniture that your toy dog will be allowed to enjoy. Also prevent these toy dog health injuries by teaching children to hold their pet only while seated on the floor so that the wriggling critter does not break free from your standing child’s arms and fall to the floor.

Toy Dog Diseases

One of the most common toy dog diseases is periodontal disease. Acclimate your toy dog from the earliest age to a regular home tooth brushing routine. Another common toy dog disease is patella luxation, commonly referred to as trick knees, in which the knee joint pops in and out of place. Some dogs may experience arthritis  later in life as a result of this toy dog disease.

With extra tender loving care, toy dogs can make sweet, loving companions throughout their long lifespans. From the tenacious  Toy Fox Terrier to the docile and sweet-tempered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, learn about the different breeds to choose the best toy dog for your family.