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Best Natural Flea Control For Dogs

If you are like many other people today, you are ready for warm weather after a long winter. Unfortunately, so are the bugs. Bugs love the warm weather of spring and summer, and if you have a dog, fleas can be a real concern. If you are hesitant to use harsh chemicals to rid your pet of fleas, do not fret! There are many great methods of natural flea control for dogs as well.

Best Natural Flea Control For Dogs

Citrus-Based Shampoo

Perhaps the best natural flea control for dogs is citrus. It is a fact that fleas are repelled by citrus. While you may not want to rub a sticky orange onto your dog’s coat, you can use a mild, citrus-based dish liquid to bathe your pet. Another option is to add a bit of lemon juice to some baby shampoo. Be sure to bathe your dog in a tub of lukewarm water.

In this way, as the fleas are repelled by the citrus, they will jump off your pet and land in the water. Since fleas are not natural swimmers, they will drown. Thus, take your time and wash your dog thoroughly. Do not rush. Make sure you kill all of the annoying critters. You can repeat this process about once a week if necessary. This is perhaps the best natural flea control for dogs. Find here more tips on how to give your dog a proper bath.

Homemade Flea Collars

Of course, you will want to control fleas on your dog between bathing as well. You can accomplish this by making your homemade flea collars. This homemade natural flea control for dogs is extremely effective and easy to make. Simply mix three drops of lavender or cedar oil with three tablespoons of water.

Using an eyedropper, drop the mixture onto a bandana. Next, rub the bandana together vigorously so that the oil gets all over the surface. Finally, tie the bandana around your dog’s neck taking care not to tie it too tight. If your pet does not like to wear bandanas, you can rub the oil into the web or cloth-type collar instead.

Controlling Fleas in Your Home

Lastly, in addition to the methods of natural flea control for dogs described above, you will also need to control fleas that may be in such things as your carpets, rugs or furniture. While there are many methods of homemade natural flea control for dogs that can accomplish this, the best method is to mix your own flea spray.

You will need to mix one cup of white distilled or apple cider vinegar with one quart of fresh water and three drops of lavender or cedar oil. Using a clean spray bottle, spray a fine mist onto your carpets, rugs, furniture and your dog’s bedding. Remember to thoroughly vacuum when you are finished and dispose of the vacuum bag. You can repeat this once or twice a week as needed.

These are the best methods of homemade natural flea control for dogs. Fleas do not need to be a problem on your pet or in your home if you utilize these easy and effective techniques of natural flea control for dogs. Furthermore, it is essential to note that these techniques work great if you have a cat as well. Read more about bathing a cat here.

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