How To Bathe A Cat

Typically, cats  are able to keep quite clean by licking themselves. However, there may be occasions when your kitty will get excessively dirty requiring a thorough bath. If you have ever tried to give your cat a bath before, you probably already know that it can be a difficult job. Nevertheless, learning how to bathe a cat properly is actually quite easy when you use the following useful tips.

How To Bathe A Cat

When Should You Bathe a Cat

As any cat owner knows, cats spend a lot of their waking hours grooming  themselves. As such, they stay very clean without any help from their humans. Even so, as stated above, there will be times when bathing a cat becomes necessary. How often you need to bathe cats generally depends on how clean they keep themselves. If your kitty’s hair is excessively dirty, oily or smelly, then it is likely time for a dip in the tub. Schedule bath time for your pet when you think that it will be the calmest. Additionally, a fun play session with one of your cat’s favorite toys can help tire out your friend before a bath.

Steps in How to Give a Cat a Bath

Getting Prepared: Pet Grooming Supplies While your bathtub is a great place to bathe your furry friend, if you have a kitten, you may choose to wash it in a sink. However, no matter where you choose to bathe your cat, be sure to provide it with secure footing such as a towel or bath mat. Before beginning the process of  bathing a cat, give your kitty a thorough brushing.

This will remove any tangles that could worsen when they get wet. It is also a good idea to clip your cat’s nails before its bath to reduce your risk of getting scratched. Next, gather together some gentle cat shampoo, a towel and a few cotton balls. If you do not have cat shampoo, a mild baby shampoo will suffice.

Bathe a Cat After you have gathered together everything you need for your cat’s bath, close the bathroom door to prevent an escape. Now, place you kitty gently into the sink or tub while talking to it in a soothing tone. Be sure to use only lukewarm water as anything warmer could cause your pet to overheat. Firmly hold your cat by the scruff of the neck and slowly begin wetting it starting at the neck and moving down towards the tail. Take care not to get any water or soap in the eyes, nose or ears. After your kitty is thoroughly wet, begin working the shampoo into its coat. Use a damp rag to clean the face.

Rinsing and Drying When you are sure that your cat is clean, you can start rinsing it. Keep rinsing until all of the soap is gone. Any residue can irritate the skin. Dry your kitty with a towel from its head to its tail. Never use a human hair dryer on your pet as it can get too hot for its sensitive skin.

Now that you know how to bathe a cat, you can be sure to have a fresh and clean furry friend at all times. Praise and a favorite treat given after bathing a cat can help encourage it to look forward to baths. If you follow these tips, after a few sessions of  bathing a cat, your cat will learn to tolerate these necessary chores.

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