Eco Friendly Dog Supplies Go Green

If you have pets and thought that you had to forget your green ideas, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Almost any pet supply that you need is able to be purchased in an eco-friendly version. You buy a lot of things for your dog, and the packaging generates a lot of waste. Purchasing eco friendly versions can improve the health of both your pet and your household. Here are just a few tips to help every pet owner go green.

Eco Friendly Dog Supplies Go Green

Switch to Biodegradable Supplies

If you are looking for eco-friendly dog supplies, it doesn’t get any better than biodegradable. Instead of using grocery bags or typical pickup bags, switch to biodegradable versions. It can take decades for traditional plastic bags to break down in the landfill. Biodegradable poo bags, on the other hand, break down in just 45 days.

Most people don’t know that it can take years for shampoos to break down in the water supply. When it comes to eco-friendly dog supplies, be sure to switch to eco-friendly dog shampoo. Look for a shampoo that is natural and organic. Eco-friendly dog shampoo does not contain synthetic ingredients that can instill toxins in the water supply.

If you have a small dog that is trained to use a litter box, use biodegradable litter. Even though it is designed for cats, there are some owners who choose to train their teacup and other small dogs to use a litter box. Traditional clays can clog pipes, and litter bags take decades to break down. Switch to biodegradable versions.

Buy Supplies Made with Recycled Materials

You can find a variety of eco friendly dog supplies that are made with recycled materials. The next time your dog needs a new, comfortable bed, choose one by a company that uses 100 percent organic and recycled materials. Simply look on the tag to be sure that the product is environmentally-friendly.

You can find a variety of toys that are made from recycled materials. Eco friendly dog toys are sold online and in pet stores around the country. You can find rubber, plush, and hemp toys all made from natural materials. Eco friendly dog toys are safer for your dog because they don’t leach harmful chemicals.

Collars and leashes are a great way to dress up your pet and show the world its personality. Find collars and leashes made from recycled rubber or hemp. You can also find some crafters that take discarded leather belts and turn them into fantastic eco-friendly dog collars.

If you try to run a green household, you don’t have to change your ideals when it comes to your pet. There are dozens of eco friendly dog supplies that make it easy to stay green. From beds to eco friendly dog toys ; eco friendly dog shampoo to collars; you can find virtually anything that your dog needs in an eco-friendly version.