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Proper Pet Etiquette At A Dog Park

A dog park is a terrific place where you can spend time with your pet. It is a place where you both can have fun and play or simply relax and enjoy the fresh air. However, if you want dog park visits to be pleasant for you and your dog, you need to make sure that you follow proper pet etiquette while you are there.

Proper Pet Etiquette At A Dog Park

Dog Park Rules and Regulations

First of all, make sure that the dog park you choose to visit allows pets and/or is designed to accommodate them. Furthermore, some dog parks require you to keep your dog restrained at all times while others have special areas where you can let your pet run and play off leash.

Dog Obedience Classes Before you take your dog to a dog park, it is essential that you teach it how to behave. In this way, your pet will come to you when you call and will not jump on or annoy strangers and other pets. Check your local pet shops, dog shelters or veterinarians to find out about any dog obedience classes near you.

Hygiene and Health If your pet becomes ill in any way or is infested with internal or external parasites, do not visit any dog parks. This is simply not fair to other pets, as they could become ill or infested as well. Make sure your pet is clean, healthy, current on all vaccinations  and parasite-free before going to the dog   park.

Proper Sanitation In preparation for your trip to the dog park, be sure to bring such items as a pet pooper scooper and several bags for your dog’s droppings. Always clean up after your dog. Just as you would not want to step in the droppings of another person’s dog, other people do not want to step in your dog’s droppings either.

Proper Restraint If you have a particularly feisty or short-tempered dog, keep it on a leash while at the dog   park. This goes for leash-free dog parks as well. You do not want your dog to annoy or hurt anyone during your visit. Typically, a six-foot leather leash offers enough strength and length for most any type of dog.

Proper Pet Etiquette is essential for you and other people to have fun with your pets at dog parks. Just as you want to have a pleasant time with your dog, other people want to enjoy themselves as well. With that said, when you follow the above tips, you and your pet are sure to have a great time while visiting the dog park of your choice.

Make sure your dog  is getting enough  exercise  and take him to a dog park or hire a dog walker.