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Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Your dog may become aggressive toward other dogs for a number of reasons. There are different types of aggression your dog may be experiencing. Several types of aggression are associated with dog to dog aggression.

Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Dog to Dog Aggression

Find here a listing of several types of dog aggression including dog aggression towards other dogs, such as protective aggression, possessive aggression, and territorial aggression:

Protective Aggression

Dogs are extremely social. Dogs have “pack members.” Their pack is their family. Their pack may not only be other dogs but may also be humans or other pets. If another dog comes within the vicinity of one of their pack members, they are likely to feel threatened and attempt to protect their pack member against the other dog. This is where protective aggression comes in; why dogs showing aggression to other dogs.

Possessive Aggression

When dogs lived in the wild, they had to compete for food with other dogs and animals. This has resulted in survival instincts which mean some dogs may show aggression in competition with other dogs ( dog to dog aggression ). The other dogs may be threatening to take an item which belongs to your canine friend. Some dogs go as far as protecting their water bowl!

Territorial Aggression

Dogs have descended from relatives which had to defend their territories. This has transferred onto our current dogs who still feel the need to defend their territory against intruders. For example, if you have a dog you consider a guard dog; he is a guard dog because he has a strong sense of territorial aggression (likely mixed with protective aggression). He does not like anyone in his territory. This also goes along with other dogs. Dog to dog aggression is likely to occur if an unknown dog enters his territory. Territorial aggression is common in dogs age one to three.

Canine Behavior Specialist

There are many other types of aggression. If you are unsure of what type of aggression your dog is experiencing, please contact a canine behavior specialist. The canine behavior specialist will be able to inform you of the type of aggression your dog is experiencing as well as how to treat it.

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Amber Johnson, Animal Behaviorist

Miss Amber Johnson has many years of experience with pets and is a licensed cat and dog nutrition and behavior specialist. She currently collaborates with PetPremium where she counsels clients in pet behavior and nutrition. The statements made in this article are the personal opinions of Miss Amber Johnson and based on independent experiences and could be different from the opinions of PetPremium Pet health Insurance or any other pet health insurance provider.