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Cat And Dog Grooming

Attitude aside, there are some cat  and dog breeds  that require more grooming than others. It’s important to understand this before you select a pet based on looks alone. If you don’t want to spend time or money on cat and dog grooming supplies, there are pets that you should avoid.

Cat And Dog Grooming

The Most High Maintenance Cats and Dogs

  • Persian Cats The Persian  is a lovely cat breed. Persians  are popular among singles and families alike. The long coat and unique facial features of the Persian  are parts of what make it beautiful. Before you welcome this breed of cat into your home, you should understand that it needs daily brushing, special facial care, and may even need a twice-yearly trip to the groomer for a professional cut.
  • Poodle The standard version of this dog breed is a glorious animal. Intelligent, loving and entertaining, this dog is one that everyone quickly falls in love with. If you bring a Poodle  puppy home, be prepared to brush it daily to prevent its maturing curls from matting. Unless you are planning on showing your dog, this breed still requires a lot of grooming.  It’s suggested that its luxurious locks be cut every six to eight weeks to prevent the coat from matting.
  • Afghan Hound This dog breed   is known for its tremendous fur coat. Long and shiny, the fur of this hound is both fine and coarse. If you decide to bring this dog breed  into your home, you’ll need to be ready for regular  grooming, which means   daily brushings. While the Afghan is majestic and absolutely gorgeous, it is not a dog breed suited for everyone.
  • Bichon Frise The Bichon is a toy breed unlike any other. Not known to be yappy or delicate, this small dog is a perfect companion for a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, it is not frequently advertised that this breed require regular grooming.  If you purchase or adopt this breed of dog, expect to need to pay daily grooming to its coat.

Before you bring any pet into your home, understand the requirements of pet grooming. For many people, daily attention to a coat or fur is just not something that’s feasible. If you want a low-maintenance pet, avoid those dog and cat breeds listed above. Go to our dog breed selector  or cat breed selector  and find extended information about grooming per breed.