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How To Trim Your Dogs Nails

Trimming a dog’s nails regularly is an important part of good pet health. Overly long nails can be painful to walk on and can even contribute to arthritis. Some dogs have easier nails to clip than others.  There are a few easy tips to help make the nail clipping experience go smoothly.

How To Trim Your Dogs Nails

Dog Nail Clipping Tips

Many people may be worried about cutting dog nails too short. Healthy pets need regular nail trimmings. Making time for regular pet exercise is a great way to keep nails short also.

Restraining a worried dog helps to keep them still. Some dogs will sit perfectly still for their toenails to be clipped. Others may need a family member to hold them and help them feel secure. Keeping the environment stress-free is critical. Making this a good experience for the dog is the best way to ensure easy nail clipping sessions in the future. Good habits can help to improve over all pet health.

Stop bleeding Dog Nails

In addition to clippers, having something to stop the bleeding in the event of a close cut is important. Styptic powder and cornstarch are both good for stopping a bleeding nail. Holding a paw in one hand while clipping each nail one at a time is an effective method. The proper technique is to hold the paw steady, near the pad. If squeezed gently, the toenail will extend a little for easier cutting.

If cut too close, the nail can bleed and become painful. White nails are the easiest to cut because the quick is visible. In black nails, one can clip just a little bit at a time. This is a good method to keep from cutting too much. Once the dry flaky part of the nail is cut down, the gummy inner area will show. Cutting any further than this can lead to bleeding. Good grooming  and husbandry skills will help to ensure healthy pets. In addition to husbandry, pet exercise is important to the overall health of one’s pet. Find here the t op 5 dog  grooming   basics.

Make sure to cut dewclaws, if the dog has any. These can sometimes be hidden on dogs with thick fur. These nails run the risk of becoming overgrown, or even ingrown. If a nail is cut too short it is important to remain calm. Pour some styptic powder or cornstarch into a small plate and dab the bleeding nail into it. Try to avoid bumping it. It may open easily and begin bleeding again.

Healthy pets should have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Waiting too long between trimmings can increase the length of it quick. Having a regular pet exercise routine can also help to keep the length of nails in check.