How Does Pet Health Insurance Work

Pet health insurance plans help cover the expenses of unexpected illnesses or accidents should anything happen to your four-legged companion. These pet health insurance plans help owners provide the best medical treatment for their pets with less worry about cost. It’s important to know that these pet health plans do not cover claim form.

  • Step 2 – You submit the itemized medical invoice along with the claim form to the pet insurance company and wait for reimbursement. For convenience, we offer the claim form online.
  • Step 3 – You get reimbursed.  The reimbursement amount will depend on plan, usual and customary, deductible and copays.
  • The most basic pet health plan is an accident only plan. You may also consider coverage for illness and preventive care.  PetPremium offers two plans with two preventive endorsements available at an additional cost. These endorsements cover routine exams, teeth cleaning, prescription flea control and vaccinations.

    Your vet plays a strong role in the well-being of your animal. Annual preventive checkups to your vet are necessary for heartworm tests, vaccines and for the vet to get a baseline on your pet health. It’s important to have a pet health plan in place for your animal’s well-being.

    When choosing a pet health insurance plan, careful consideration should be given to all the details of the plan in order to determine the best value. Instead of just basing your decision on price, learn about the deductibles, diagnostic tests covered and premiums as your pet ages. Compare and research all options to find the healthcare coverage that best fits your financial and your pet’s needs.

    As you research, you’ll find options available that vary in coverage. Some pet insurance plans have payout limits, cover 70 percent of veterinary expenses, and only cover prescriptions for an additional cost. On the flip side, there are pet health insurance plans that cover 100 percent of vet expenses, have no payout limits and cover prescription costs with no additional fees. In addition, there are plans that cover hospitalization, supplements, therapeutic foods and orthotic devices with a choice of deductibles.

    With the rising cost of vet care, investing in a pet health plan is one of the best ways to help keep your pet healthy and well-taken care of with less the worries of the medical costs.