5 Myths About Pet Insurance

The perception of pet insurance is wrought with myths and untruths. Pet Insurance helps pet owners to prepare financially for unexpected accidents and illnesses.

5 Myths About Pet Insurance

If you are considering purchasing one of PetPremium pet insurance plans for your pet, it is important to not fall victim to misinformation. Here are the top five myths regarding pet insurance:

  • Pet Insurance Providers Will Pick Your Veterinarian Unlike human HMO’s or PPO’s, pet insurance plans do not require that you visit a specific veterinarian. Because you deal directly with the insurance company, you are free to continue visiting the veterinarian of your choice. Read more here.
  • Pet Insurance is Expensive Pet insurance rates vary among providers. The age at which you insure your pet will have an impact on your rates, as with its species and breed.
  • I Can Save for Veterinarian  Bills The truth of the matter is this: even with the best intentions, people rarely maintain a savings account for their pet’s health needs. Medical costs can add up quickly for your pet, especially in the cases of an accident or acute illness.
  • It is Difficult to Get Reimbursed Many pet owners believe that it is difficult to get reimbursed by pet insurance companies. Though rates vary, each insurance company works in primarily the same manner. You visit your veterinarian, the veterinarian provides treatment, you pay for the services rendered, and you fill out an insurance claim form. You mail or fax the claim form with itemized receipts and wait for approval. It typically takes about two weeks to process a claim.
  • Choosing the Right Plan is Confusing If you spend just a single afternoon shopping for coverage, choosing a plan is not confusing. You can find pet insurance reviews online and there are pet insurance comparison sites available to you as well. As with any insurance policy, conducting a fair amount of research is essential to finding the pet insurance plan that best meets the needs of you and your companion animal.

If you have a cat or dog, it’s in your best interest to research pet insurance. Many owners have been able to afford costly, procedures for their pets thanks to their insurance policies. If you have any question as to whether you will be able to afford your pets care, strongly consider purchasing.

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