Compare Pet Health Insurance

Good pet health is important for both pets and their owners. A pet health insurance plan helps you give your pet the best care possible. To help ensure good pet health for your four-legged friend, choosing the right pet health insurance plan is essential.

Compare Pet Health Insurance

Selecting the best pet health insurance plan to meet both your pet’s needs and your budget takes time and should include a careful review of all the details and options offered in the plan.

Always take the time to research and compare pet health insurance. When doing a pet health insurance comparison, there are many factors to consider than just price. Deductibles, hospitalization, vet services, diagnostic tests, surgeries, covered prescriptions, limits on payouts and criteria for increases in premiums are just a few of the factors to consider when doing a pet health insurance comparison.

Deductibles and Percentage of Coverages

You can compare pet plan deductibles and choose one that best fits your budget. Deductibles can range anywhere from $50 to $1,000 and can range from per incident to annual. It is also important to compare pet insurance coverage for hospitalization, surgeries and diagnostic tests. For the same surgery, one plan may cover 90 percent of the medical expenses, and another plan may only cover 65 percent of the medical expenses. Although, the plan that offers 90 percent coverage can be more expensive it may be a better choice to help with high medical bills.

Older Pets and Breed Conditions

When doing a pet insurance comparison, consider the breed and age of your pet.  For example, certain larger breeds of dogs  are prone to hip dysplasia and need hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery can cost many thousands of dollars*, so you’ll want to know if it’s covered and up to what percentage is covered. Keep in mind when you compare pet insurance that some plans offer covered prescriptions at an additional cost.

You can easily do a pet insurance comparison on the Internet. There are many sites that offer an easy-to-compare list to help compare pet insurance plans offered by different companies. With a detailed research and comparison of plans, you can get great coverage at a price that’s as affordable as possible.

*Source: (September 2013)