What Is A Bilateral Condition

When it comes to pet health insurance, it is essential that pet owners understand what a bilateral condition  is. A bilateral condition is a condition that can happen on both sides of your pet’s body. See other common pet insurance terms here.

What Is A Bilateral Condition

These conditions can bring with them a variety of restrictions:

1. Examples of Bilateral Conditions

Bilateral conditions include hip dysplasia, cruciate injuries and kidney problems. Even if, the condition does not occur on both sides of the body at the same time, it may be considered bilateral if the same problem eventually arises on the other side of the body.

2. What It Means to You

Bilateral conditions may be excluded from your pet insurance.  For example, if your pet had a pre-existing cruciate injury on the left side of its body and later, your pet injures its right cruciate.  It could be considered a bilateral condition based on the presence of injury on the left side of the body.  You should check with the provider.

3. Pet Insurance Comparison

Different companies view bilateral and pre-existing conditions differently. This can be important information to have, particularly if you have a large-breed dog that may be prone to these types of injuries. Make sure that you read the fine print of any coverage plan. You don’t want to pay your premiums for years only to find out that a condition is not covered.

4. Pet Insurance Reviews

When you are comparing insurance companies, be sure to read and evaluate reviews. Keep in mind that many people are quick to complain but not as quick to praise.

5. Contact the Company

If you cannot easily find information regarding bilateral conditions from a specific pet insurance company, contact the company and ask for more information here. Ask the insurance company about all exclusions; not only exclusions involving bilateral conditions.