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Pet Liability Insurance 101

Liability insurance protects you from financial burdens if your pet attacks another animal or person.

Your pet is a part of your family, but you are held liability in case of an accident. If your dog is one of the 4.5 million annual bites in the US, you can be on the hook for claims that are getting bigger every year. By having liability insurance, PetPremium will share the cost with you. After paying the deductible you picked, we will cover the cost up to your chosen limit. Even if your dog is a sworn pacifist, you pet may be excluded from your homeowners’ insurance policy or prohibited to rent from a landlord if your pet doesn’t have liability insurance. PetPremium liability insurance wants to protect both you and your pet.

Pet Liability Insurance 101Liability Dog Insurance

If your pet causes an accident or injures to someone, you can be on the hook for a big bill. PetPremium Pet Liability Insurance can relieve both the cost and the pressure. Check out this guide on pet liability insurance to understand why and how you can get your pet insured.

Why do I need Liability for my Pet

While we see your pet as a part of the family, some landlords and strangers on the street may see your beloved family member as a threat. Many homeowners’ insurance companies and landlords require pet liability insurance, and insurance claim costs have more than doubled in the past ten years, so make sure to be prepared and be protected.

Liability Options for Dogs

It’s quick and easy to find which insurance option is best for your dog. With different incident limits and deductibles, there is something for every dog and dog owner! If you have more than three dogs or your dog has a bite history, just fill out the long application form.

Which states offered

Liability insurance is offered for your dog, no matter where his doghouse is. We cover the entire United States. For coverage off premises, your pet must be leashed to be covered.

What are the Limitations

There are no breed or age limitations, but if you wish to insure more than 3 dogs and/or if there is a bite history, we need the long application form to be filled out instead. Also your pet must be a domesticated animal. We do offer liability insurance for commercial animals, or even exotics. But also here you must complete the long application form so we can prepare the right coverage for you.

Deductible Options

We have multiple deductible options to adjust the out of pocket costs when something does happen. This so there is something available for every dog! Choose how much you want to pay out of pocket after an accident, and we will have a coverage plan for you! You can pick your own deductible of $500, $1000 or if you wish a higher limit, we can submit special request to our underwriter to create a coverage plan that works best for you and your pet. Be sure to complete the long application form if you have more than three dogs or if your dog has a bite history, so that we can adjust the insurance plan to fit your needs. Your chosen deductible will be administered on every new claim you receive.

Process / Requirements

It’s easy! Fill out the online application form ; receive your liability quote as fast as within 48 hours. If there are additional questions or concerns that need to be answered, your quote will take some more time. But your agent will be with you every step of the way. Once you have receive your final quote, accept it, pay, and your pet is all set!

What if there is bite history?

Don’t worry, your pet will still be able to be insured! Just make sure to complete the long application form that will be offered during the online application process. Or simply click here: Animal Liability Application Form.

What should I do in case of an incident?

Accidents happen. If one does, be sure to alert the insurer immediately by filling out a claim form here: Online Incident Reporting Form. In case of an accident, make sure to take photo(s) &/or video of the incident site &/or of the damaged property &/or of the injured person(s). Write down names of witnesses and request them to be willing to come forward in case necessary when a claims’ case requires them to do so and file a police report. Also provide estimate(s) of the property damage (if available).

Claims and processes

After an accident, be sure to let us know immediately. When ready to fill out a claim form just click here to access our online claim form. Reports of injury are to be handled on an immediately urgent basis and reported to the insurer’s office at once for handling. Please gather as much information as possible and0 and contact the insurer’s office if you need further instructions. Do not admit fault; do not discuss the incident/accident with anyone except a representative of your insurance company or your local police department!

Coverage Plans

There is a coverage plan for every pet, whether mixed or purebred, joggers or coach potatoes. You can choose between multiple incident limits. These are $15,000, $50,000 or $100,000. You can also select your annual limits, which means as the aggregate limit for the year. These are $30,000, 50,000, $100,000 or $200,000. You can also pick your preferred deductible of $500, $1,000 or a special requested deductible to create a coverage plan that works for your pet. Your chosen deductible will be administered on every claim you receive. Be sure to complete the long application form if you have more than three dogs or if your dog has a bite history, so that we can adjust the insurance plan to fit your needs.


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