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Pet insurance in New Mexico is a great idea for those living in the Land of Enchantments where there are innate dangers of living in New Mexico. Most of these dangers can be resolved with medication and technologies but can be very expensive. New Mexico pet insurance can help reimburse you for these expensive treatments when your pet becomes sick or injured.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in New Mexico

Snakes are everywhere, and just one bite can have your dog or cat fighting for its life. Living in New Mexico, you are exposed to 46 different snake species of which 8 are venomous. Below is a listing of the most commonly found venomous snakes in New Mexico (New Mexico Herpetological Society, 2013) :

  • Water Coral Snake
  • Mojave Rattlesnake
  • Western (prairie) Rattlesnake
  • Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  • Massasauga Snake
  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  • Rock Rattlesnake
  • Black-tailed Rattlesnake

Snake Bites on Dogs in New Mexico

Here are some straightforward tips should your four-legged friend come across a snake and is bitten:

  • Keep your dog or cat as calm as possible
  • Raise your pet’s heart above the level of the bite, if possible
  • Call your veterinarian. Let them know that you are on your way and that your pet has been bitten.
  • Do not try and extract the venom yourself.
  • Do not apply a tourniquet to your pet.
  • Do not apply ice on the bite wound. This could accelerate venom entering your pet’s body at a quicker pace.
  • Do not attempt to clean/shave the area, as this will cause added stress to your pet.

Please remember that if your pet comes into contact with any of these above mentioned snakes, there are no home remedies available to cure them of the venom. Learn more about snake bites on dogs here.

Purchasing Pet Insurance in New Mexico

Whether or not you should purchase pet insurance depends on your unique situation. Do you have a lot of cats and/or dogs that need to visit a vet annually? Are you worried that your pets might develop a serious illness? Pet insurance can help you make vet bills more affordable. However, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of reading all of the small print on your pet insurance policy. Unfortunately, some plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. As such, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, you will want to find a pet insurance policy that will cover your veterinary visits.

If you are like many other pet owners today, your dog or cat is most likely a cherished member of your family. As such, you will want to provide it with the best veterinary care possible. When you purchase pet insurance, you can focus more on your pet’s care and less on your finances.

More About Pet Insurance in New Mexico

For more information about pet insurance plans available in New Mexico, visit At, you can find topics about your pet health in our Pet Health Center or read tips about how to compare pet insurance.

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