South Carolina Sc

South Carolina Sc

Whether you live in Greenville or Jackson, pet owners all over South Carolina have discovered the benefits of pet insurance.

Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in South Carolina

Pet insurance in South Carolina is a great idea for those living in The Palmetto State. Living in South Carolina, many pets do come in contact with ticks. But what can you do if your pet does have a tick ?

Things to Have on Hand to Remove Ticks on Pets Below are the items you will need to help remove a tick from a pet:

  • Prepare The Ticks Final Resting Place – Flushing a tick down the drain or throwing it in the trash will not kill the tick. You will need to find a screw lid jar so you can keep the tick to present to the veterinarian for testing. Don’t forget to add rubbing alcohol to help preserve it.
  • Have Your Gloves Ready – Never handle a tick with your bare hands. Ticks are known to contain infective agents that can enter our bloodstream and cause us harm.
  • Get a Helper – In order to be successful in removing a tick, you need to make sure that your pet doesn’t squirm, so grab a helper.

How to Remove a Tick from a Pet

  • Clean the bite area and the tick with rubbing alcohol.
  • Grab the tick as close to your pets skin as possible with a pair of tweezers.
  • Pull straight upwards with even pressure. Do not twist or jerk the tick while you are pulling upwards as this will leave parts in your pet. Also, be careful not to squeeze the tick too hard as it will empty its stomach contents and those contents will enter the wound.
  • Place the removed tick into the jar.
  • Disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol. Also, do not forget to wash your hands and disinfect your tweezers by soaking in rubbing alcohol or by putting it into a flame.

After the Tick is Gone Depending on your technique and the ticks will, you might have a small part of the tick still on your pet. Do not remove this part, but do place a warm compress on it after you have disinfected the area. This will allow the body to naturally expel the remains. Keep an eye on your pet for the next few weeks after you have removed the tick. In the event that the area of the bite mark becomes inflamed or has a reddish appearance, take your pet and the tick to your normal veterinarian for testing. Learn here why ticks are bad for pets.

More Aout Pet Insurance in South Carolina

Prevention is the best method. Some South Carolina pet insurance plans offer preventive medicine, such as flea and tick medication. Please visit where you can find topics about your pet health in our Pet Health Center or get a FREE pet insurance quote here.