Underwriting and Administration Pet Liability Insurance

PetPremium offers Pet Liability Insurance plans that are underwritten by different underwriters depending on the state you live in. PetPremium Insurance Agency is licensed in 50 states. To see all license numbers and designated agent license numbers by state click here.

About Our Pet Liability Insurance Underwriters

Prime Insurance Company administrates our plans by handling claims, billing, and customer service. Prime Insurance Company is authorized to sell liability insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. PetPremium, Inc. is approved by Prime Insurance Company.
Prime Holdings Insurance Services, Inc.
Prime Holdings Insurance Services, Inc.
303 W. Madison Street
Suite 2075
Chicago, Illinois 60606

In New York State policies are initially administered by Kingstone Insurance Company. If your application is denied, Prime Insurance Company will be able to provide coverage.

Kingstone Insurance Company
Kingstone Insurance Company
15 Joys Lane
Kingston, NY 12401

PetPremium is focused on offering pet insurance to a large array of pet parents under our motto of happy, healthy and protected. If you’re a pet liability insurance customer, you can contact our Services Department with any application or coverage related questions.

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