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Pet Insurance Group Plan

Save significantly on the cost of pet insurance by asking your company to set up a group plan.

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Type of Coverage

PetPremium Total PetCare helps reduce the cost of all your pet expenses including food, treats, parasite prevention and telemedicine.

  • You are the owner of the pet.
  • Your pet is at least 8 weeks old.
  • Your pet lives with you.
  • You are a full time resident of the United States.

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Pet insurance covers all or part of the cost for veterinary bills should your pet become ill or injured. Some plans will also pay you if your pet dies or is stolen or lost.

Always read the policy terms carefully to determine what is covered and what exclusions exist.

Some insurers will allow you to include multiple pets on your policy and may provide a discount for additional pets.

When obtaining quotations on PetPremium generally provide details for your oldest pet to get the best idea of the final cost.

You can provide details of your additional pets during enrolment if the insurer offers the facility.

Many pet insurers don't provide cover for medical conditions that existed prior to a policy being purchased.

However, specialist insurers may provide cover although it is likely to be more expensive and more restrictive than a standard policy.