Big Boy, meet Sonny a lovely cat!

Well… we went to NewburghScats rescue Center to help them out. We already had 5 cats and were not ready to have another. I picked up Sonny /named Trouble back then/. He grabbed my sleeve and did not want get off. I touched my heart. In a few days we visited NewburghScats again. Sonny was separated in a small case. I asked what happened. They told me, he had seizures. It was 2 years ago around Holidays and Center did not have time to bring him to the Vet. I offered help to take him home and take him to our Vet when appointment would be available. He was with us for 2 weeks. We treated his eye infection, upper respiratory infection and brought him to the Vet eventually. Vet checked him from the head to the tail, run all tests and did not find anything wrong with Trouble. Trouble made himself home in our house right away. He got along with all our 5 cats immediately and they accepted him. Especially, he got attached to my husband. One day my husband asked me: "Can we keep Trouble?". Of course, I said "yes". We renamed him Sonny. He is very affectionate and smart boy…but still a trouble :-), always gets into something. We love him no matter what!

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