Pet Insurance Basics

Just like your home, auto or renters insurance, pet health insurance can be complicated. PetPremium provides basic facts and information on the benefits and most common questions about pet insurance.

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

Becoming an informed consumer is the first step in choosing a pet
health insurance
plan for one’s pet. Most people want to know about costs, coverage, and providers. Listed below are the three basic questions to consider when learning about pet health insurance plans.

  • How much is pet insurance?
  • Which visits are covered?
  • Which plan or provider is the best choice for you?

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

How much is pet insurance?

vary between different providers and plans. Choosing a plan begins with setting a budget. A less expensive plan may have limited coverage in comparison to a more expensive plans with better coverages. When considering
cost, one should take into account the amount of coverage he or she would like to purchase.

Why are pre-existing conditions not covered?

Typically, conditions that are present before a plan’s effective date are not covered by most pet health
plans. This helps keeps rates low. This is also a great incentive for getting one’s pet insured as soon as possible. Illnesses that may present later in life may be covered if coverage is already in place. Read more about pre-existing conditions
here. See other common exclusions here.

Which plan or provider is the best choice?

Choosing a great plan or provider is all about doing research. It will be necessary to compare pet
to find the best coverage. Long-term, the coverage of a slightly more expensive plan may be worth it. Checking
reviews is also a great way to compare pet insurance providers. Unbiased reviews can provide a wealth of information about different insurance companies and plans.

Shopping for insurance plans shouldn’t be overwhelming. When armed with a little bit of information, the process can go smoothly. Setting a budget is the first step in shopping for pet insurance. Next, learning about
options helps to narrow down the field. Finally, plan comparison through research and reviews is going to help one choose the best possible plan. Each situation is different, and there is no wrong way to go about choosing great coverage for one’s pet. Check our
FAQ for more information!

How to Review Pet Insurance Plans?

Pet insurance is a relatively new financial product, so people may not know what to look for or how to go about a pet insurance review. A pet insurance plan can be a good way to insure your pet in the case that a catastrophic illness or injury befalls your favorite animal. With the rising costs of healthcare for pets, a pet insurance plan might mean the difference between giving your pet the care it needs or not having the funds to make a difference.

How to Review Pet Insurance Plans

Figuring out how to go about a pet insurance review can be tricky if you have never looked at these policies before. It is necessary to have a review, however, in order to compare all of the pet insurance policies that are currently available and pick the one that is the best for your family and pet.

Step 1: Compare Insurance Policy

Start by gathering all of the policy term and conditions for the pet insurance policies that you are considering. Then make a spreadsheet for each policy showing the premium costs, co-payments, and maximum coverage amounts. Eliminate all policies that are too expensive and policies that cannot provide as good of coverage as the other policies on your list.

Step 2: Look at the Insurance Exclusions and Terms in the Coverage

Determining the best pet insurance plan from those left on your list will be a bit trickier. These plans may be very similar to each other, so it is a good idea to read through all of the terms and conditions for these plans. Consider the common exclusions of coverage for each plan.

Step 3: Select your Pet Insurance Plan

Finally, consider the coverage provided for conditions that your particular breed of pet is susceptible to. Policies that give you extra coverage for these conditions may be a good idea since they provide coverage for the most likely illnesses and injuries.

How to Find the Best Pet Insurance

When finding the best pet insurance for your four-legged family friend there is a variety of ways. Here at PetPremium, we have compiled the steps, to help answer “Is that the best plan for me!”

How to Find the Best Pet Insurance

The Best Pet Insurance Plan for Me!

Step 1: Decide on the Desired Coverage and Set a Budget

Finding the best and most affordable pet insurance plan for you begins with deciding on your coverage and budgetary needs. By defining your coverage and budgetary needs, you will create a baseline to help rule out plans that do not fit your budgetary needs.

Step 2: Get a Referral from Someone You Trust

A referral from a trusted friend or colleague is a great way to find an insurance plan. Friends and family members may also be able to provide information about their own pet’s insurance plan. People should remember that personal experiences can vary. Ultimately, it is important to compare pet insurance plans and do research prior to purchasing a policy.

Step 3: Check Pet Insurance Reviews

A great way to conduct a pet insurance comparison is to check reviews. Pet insurance reviews can be found on a number of reputable websites. This is a fantastic way to hear from others. Reviews can also be referenced after getting a trusted recommendation from a friend. This due diligence can ensure only the best plan is chosen for one’s pet.

Step 4: Compare Pet Insurance Plans

Ultimately, all potential pet insurance plans should be compared. When conducting a pet insurance comparison, all options should be taken into account. Different price points should be considered. Shoppers may be pleasantly surprised by the amazing coverage they can get within their budgets. Some pet insurance plans may offer better coverage at a lower price. It is essential to look at all potential options before deciding on one. Comparison shopping ensures every potential deal is considered. It is important to remember that price comparison shouldn’t be the only criteria for choosing a plan. Getting the most out of an insurance plan is all about shopping around. Pet insurance reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and referrals are all great ways to shop for insurance plans. Learn more about Dog Insurance and Cat Insurance.

Compare Pet Health Insurance

Good pet health is important for both pets and their owners. A pet health insurance plan helps you give your pet the best care possible. To help ensure good pet health for your four-legged friend, choosing the right pet health insurance plan is essential.

Compare Pet Health Insurance

Selecting the best pet health insurance plan to meet both your pet’s needs and your budget takes time and should include a careful review of all the details and options offered in the plan.

Always take the time to research and compare pet health insurance. When doing a pet health insurance comparison, there are many factors to consider than just price. Deductibles, hospitalization, vet services, diagnostic tests, surgeries, covered prescriptions, limits on payouts and criteria for increases in premiums are just a few of the factors to consider when doing a pet health insurance comparison.

Deductibles and Percentage of Coverages

You can compare pet plan deductibles and choose one that best fits your budget. Deductibles can range anywhere from $50 to $1,000 and can range from per incident to annual. It is also important to compare pet insurance coverage for hospitalization, surgeries and diagnostic tests. For the same surgery, one plan may cover 90 percent of the medical expenses, and another plan may only cover 65 percent of the medical expenses. Although, the plan that offers 90 percent coverage can be more expensive it may be a better choice to help with high medical bills.

Older Pets and Breed Conditions

When doing a pet insurance comparison, consider the breed and age of your pet.  For example, certain larger breeds of dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and need hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery can cost many thousands of dollars*, so you’ll want to know if it’s covered and up to what percentage is covered. Keep in mind when you compare pet insurance that some plans offer covered prescriptions at an additional cost.

You can easily do a pet insurance comparison on the Internet. There are many sites that offer an easy-to-compare list to help compare pet insurance plans offered by different companies. With a detailed research and comparison of plans, you can get great coverage at a price that’s as affordable as possible.

*Source: (September 2013)

Best Pet Health Insurance Reviews

How to evaluate pet health insurance reviews? Pet insurance can be a great investment for many families. Evaluating pet insurance reviews is an important step in the process of finding the right plan. Choosing a plan depends upon a number of circumstances. Different plans will suit different pets better. Age and veterinarian preference will have an influence on what type of plan to consider.

Best Pet Health Insurance Reviews

Before purchasing a policy, pet owners should take the time to research reviews for pet insurance companies. There are many resources available for those looking to evaluate pet health insurance reviews. The more reviews one reads, the more informed a decision they will be able to make. Comparing rates and services is the best way to review insurance plans. When reading pet insurance reviews it is important to keep one’s budget in mind. A particular plan may have a fantastic review, but if it is too expensive that doesn’t matter. Finding independent reviews is a great idea. Although many pet insurance companies have their own reviews, it is important to get an unbiased opinion.

Evaluate Pet Insurance Types

Conducting an in-depth review is crucial to choosing the appropriate plan. The four basic pet insurance types are traditional, customizable, accident only, and discount. These plans all have different advantages and disadvantages. Traditional plans are generally the most comprehensive. Customizable plans are just that, tailored to each individual pet’s needs. Accident only does not cover preventative care. Finally, discount plans can help save money on visits that are in the policy’s network. Assessing the pet is the first part to reviewing insurance plans. A budget can also play a factor. Age of the pet is often the first consideration. Traditional and customizable plans are often only open to younger pets. They rarely accept pre-existing conditions or pets of a more mature age. Those people with older pets should consider accident only or discount plans.

Reading as many reviews for pet health insurance as possible will help to get the broadest amount of information available. One or two reviews may not give a reader an accurate description. Reading reviews from multiple sources is also a good tactic for evaluating pet insurance plans. Being able to tell the difference between a spam review and a legitimate review is an important skill. The more reviews one reads, the better they will get at deciding which ones are legitimate. Using a reputable website for pet insurance reviews is the best idea.

When it comes to choosing a pet health insurance plan, evaluating reviews is the first step. It is imperative to take one’s individual pet into consideration before jumping into an insurance plan. Age, breed and pre-existing conditions will all have an influence on what type of plan should be purchased. Find here more information about how rates are calculated.

5 Things to Know Before Buying Pet Insurance

Many people find the task of shopping for pet insurance plans a little bit overwhelming. Getting familiar with a few things first helps the process go smoothly. Listed below are five things to know before buying pet insurance.

5 Things to Know Before Buying Pet Insurance
  • Pet Insurance Cost

The first thing people want to know about when considering pet insurance plans is how much it cost. The cost for plans can vary greatly depending upon coverage. There is a plan to fit nearly any budget. Ultimately, pet insurance cost is a true investment. Just knowing what is covered is a huge relief for most pet owners, especially in an emergency situation.

  • What is Covered

In addition, there are plans that cover cancer and potential long-term illnesses. Some pet owners may even choose to purchase plans that cover routine vaccinations. It comes down to the preferences of each individual family. Shoppers should look at pet insurance comparisons when considering a few different choices. It may also help to consult pet insurance reviews.

  • What is Not Covered

Many pet health insurance plans don’t reimburse for conditions that occur before the effective date or preventable diseases.  This helps to keep costs as low as possible for people. This is an important reason to begin shopping for plans as soon as possible. If an eligible condition occurs after a puppy has been insured, he or she may be covered.

  • How Reimbursements Work

Pet insurance policies do not work the way human health insurance policies do. The owner pays for services with their veterinarian. The insurance company then reimburses the owner for the covered amount.

  • How to Choose a Pet Insurance Plan

Choosing a pet insurance plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few easy strategies to follow in order to find the best plan. Savvy shoppers should conduct a pet insurance comparison first. This allows shoppers to look at a couple of different plans before purchasing. In addition, pet insurance reviews should also be looked at. A little bit of research can help shoppers choose the best plan. See the differences between dog insurance and cat insurance here.

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