The REAL couch potato, caught on camera! LOL!!!

This video of a dog and his favorite show is so cute that it gave me the biggest smile today.

When the owner came home and turned on the TV, it turned out to be Smitty the dog’s luckiest day, as Marmaduke was on! There is no changing channels now, to the dismay of the owner. He had to watch the whole thing with Smitty! Check out this video and see how Smitty is very engrossed with his show. Marmaduke is a is a 2010 film centers on a rural Kansas family and their pets, a Great Dane named Marmaduke (voiced by Owen Wilson) and a Balinese cat named Carlos (voiced by George Lopez)—as the family relocates to California. Make sure you have the volume turned on!  SHARE this to your family and friends too!

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