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The Most Lovable Dogs On Earth

Families with children, individuals who are home for most of the day and seniors in need of companionship need a furry friend that ranks among the most lovable dog breeds. If you are seeking a family dog that enjoys socializing with people and is generous in showing affection toward every member of the family, consider one of these loving dog breeds.

Labrador retriever

With three colors to choose from, there is a Labrador retriever for everyone. This works out perfectly since this popular breed is eager to befriend everyone that it encounters, making it one of the most lovable dog breeds. Labrador retrievers are excellent family companion dogs that get along with children and other pets. They are exuberant and playful, and make enthusiastic hiking, camping and hunting sidekicks.

Golden retriever

Almost identical in size and temperament to the Labrador retriever, the golden retriever is another favored choice to fill the role of family canine companion. Golden retrievers require a little more grooming to prevent their longer hair from tangling.


The bulldog may look like a tough cookie, but this breed is gentle and outgoing with everyone it meets. Although the bulldog was originally developed to fight bulls in sporting arenas, today’s affectionate bulldog is perfectly content to lounge with the kids. Bulldogs require minimal exercise and grooming.

Cavalier King Charles

This little sweetheart is the second largest of the toy breeds and one of the most lovable dogs. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is an affectionate dog that craves the companionship of its family. Cavalier King Charles spaniels are always in the shadow of their owners, and they are happy to participate in every activity. They are loving and playful with children.


The largest member of the toy group is also one of the most loving dog breeds. Developed to provide companionship for members of Chinese nobility, pugs have a long history of being the lovable dogs that they still are today. Pugs are charming, sociable and lively. They enjoy the company of children and other pets, and their grooming and exercise needs are minimal.


For an energetic dog that adores everyone, the Weimaraner is eager to serve. The Weimaraner is affectionate, playful, easy to train and quick to groom, making it an excellent choice for active families. Weimaraners are exuberant and eager to play an active role in every household activity. This breed does not thrive when left alone for extensive periods.


The regal collie is another excellent choice for families that are seeking one of the most lovable dogs to join their household. Collies are affectionate and gentle. They adore children, and they get along with other pets. The collie thrives on the companionship of its family, and it will bond closely with each member. Collies are alert and protective watchdogs.

Bichon Frise

Originally developed as a companion dog and an entertainer, the bichon frise remains an affectionate and playful little dog. Bichon frises get along with mature children, and they are sociable with strangers. They are natural performers, and their clownish antics will keep everyone amused. The curly locks of a bichon frise require daily grooming.

Irish wolfhound

As the tallest of all dog breeds, the Irish wolfhound will come nose to nose with its adult owner when it stands on its hind legs to provide a loving hug. This giant breed may look imposing, but it is gentle and affectionate. It thrives on the company of its family members. The only downfall of the Irish wolfhound is its short lifespan of only six to eight years.

Irish setter

The popularity of the Irish setter has waned in recent years, which is surprising when one considers its lovable temperament. These red-haired dogs make outstanding companions for active families and for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. Irish setters are affectionate and playful, and they are alert watchdogs. They are outgoing toward strangers, and they get along with children and other pets. Like most sporting breeds, they have high energy levels that need to be expended with plenty of physical activity.

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