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Comical Cartoon Dogs In History

Every dog has its day, and in the world of comics and animation, cartoon dogs have had decades to prompt laughter from their audiences. These dog cartoon characters have also inspired pet owners when pondering the perfect name for their new puppy.

Comical Cartoon Dogs In History


The most beloved cartoon character of all time is the beagle portrayed in Charles M. Schulz’ “Peanuts” comic strip. Snoopy first appeared in the comic strip in 1950, and the beagle appeared with the rest of the “Peanuts” gang after that in several animated films and holiday television specials. Snoopy achieved worldwide fame, and the character has been featured as a mascot in advertising campaign and has been sited as a larger than life balloon in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


One of the most famous cartoon dogs is Scooby-Doo, the canine sidekick in Hanna-Barbera’s 1970s cartoon series “ Scooby-Doo ” and “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane that belongs to Shaggy and tags along with Shaggy and his three teenaged friends as they embark on quests to solve mysteries and explain supernatural phenomena.


Hanna-Barbera, an American animation company, created “The Jetsons,” a 1960s cartoon that is set in the space age. Astro is the Jetson family’s pooch that adores its master, George Jetson, and is a beloved companion to the Jetson son, Elroy. Astro’s manner of speech in which each word begins with a soulful ‘r’ sound is one of the good-natured dog’s most endearing qualities, and Astro is one of the most loved dog cartoon characters.


Odie is the creation of Jim Davis, the cartoonist that creates “Garfield.” When Garfield’s owner opened his home to a long time friend, a dog named Odie was part of the package. To Garfield the cat, Odie is merely a hyperactive, slobbering and stupid creature that exists solely for the tabby’s torment. To audiences of the comic strip and the cartoons, Odie is half of one of the most beloved cat and dog pairings in the history of animation.


There are no cat characters in Mickey Mouse’s inner circle of friends, perhaps because Mickey’s days would be numbered in the presence of a feline. Instead, Disney granted the animated mouse with a canine companion named Pluto. The character first appeared in 1930, and as the only Disney character that did not speak, Pluto paved the way for creating humor in a cartoon animal character through animated physical pantomimes and personality traits.

Other Famous Cartoon Dogs of Distinction

If you have a new dog or puppy to welcome into your family, consider naming it after one of the above characters. Alternately, here are some additional notable cartoon dogs with names to ponder:

  • Clifford, after the canine star of the children’s book and animation series titled “Clifford the Big Red Dog”
  • Goofy, after one of the characters of the classic Disney cartoons.
  • Marmaduke, after the Great Dane of the comic strip and cartoon series of the same name. This video is hilarious, check it out: Marmaduke was on TV, had to watch the whole thing.
  • Underdog, after the crime-fighting canine superhero of the 1960s cartoon series of the same name.
  • Droopy, after the lethargic and long-faced hound that was featured in an animated series that ran from 1943 to 1958.
  • Mr. Peabody, after the time-traveling educator in the classic cartoon series “The Bullwinkle Show”.
  • Santa’s Little Helper, after the greyhound that Bart Simpson rescued on Christmas Eve, making the lanky canine the family pet in “The Simpsons,” the longest-running animated television series in history.
  • Brian Griffin, after the witty canine character with human attributes in the animated series titled “Family Guy”.
  • Lady and Tramp, after the canine couple featured in the Disney film “Lady and the Tramp”.

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