Cutest Dogs With A Blog

If you thought that dogs are not Internet savvy, guess again. Inspired by their humans’ attempts to dominate the blogosphere, dogs have made it their mission to take over their own little corners of cyberspace to delight their canine loving fans with the best dog blogs. Some of these dogs utilize their blogs to promote helping their fellow canines or to advising owners on how to become better pet parents, and others simply use their blogs as an excuse to make the Internet all about them in all of their glory.

Cutest Dogs With A Blog

Dog Blogs Written by Dogs

There are several blog sites that are written from the dogs’ points of view. Since typing can be a challenge for paws, the blog entries are typically brief. The visitor’s experience is enhanced, however, with photographs to accompany the posts. In the blog titled “ Bongo Dog Blog,” Bongo often describes his adventures on the hiking trails. Snoopy, a bearded collie, is another dog with a blog that writes about the silly trouble that he gets himself into in a blog titled “ Snoopy’s Dogblog.” Dog lovers will also enjoy the musings of Misaki, the Alaskan Malamute that scribes “The Misadventures of Misaki.”

Text Dog Blog

For a glimpse at amusing conversations between a dog and its owner, “Text From Dog” provides such comic relief on Tumblr. This hilarious dog with a blog keeps readers laughing by texting its owner about all of the pertinent happenings in a pooch’s life. A compilation of these text message exchanges has been published into a book.

Chat Dog Blog

Hamilton Pug is a black pug that moderates “Pug Chat,” a weekly discussion that is held weekly on Twitter in which all tweeting pugs are encouraged to participate. The pugs discuss a host of topics, and the conversations will delight dog owners who are partial to the pug breed.

Photo Dog Blogs

Photo blogs are the most popular variation. Everyone marvels at photographs of dogs and puppies, and captions that elicit chuckles provide quick therapy on those stressful days. One of the best dog blogs and funniest photo blogs is called “ Dog Shaming,” in which owners submit photographs of their dogs posed with signs that describe random acts of silly naughtiness that the pooches engaged in. Watch this video of the funniest guilty dog ever trying to nonchalantly slide away and this Bull Mastiff snitch on his French Bulldog Brother. “The Daily Wag” posts adorable photographs that beautifully capture the cuteness of dogs and puppies.

The Canine Answer to Grumpy Cat

When a dog owner recently posted a photograph of their scowling puggle named Earl, the picture went viral. Earl’s facial expression resembles that of Grumpy Cat, conveying a look of contempt and crankiness. Many who saw the original post clamored for Earl’s owner to set up an Instagram account where they could enjoy following regular postings of Earl’s surly face. The account has now been established, and time will tell whether or not Earl will reap the same success as Grumpy Cat. Check out these awesome blogs of gorgeous cats.

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