Holiday Plants That Are Poisonous To Pets

Ornamental plants offer a great way for you to decorate your home for the holidays. Unfortunately, many of these plants can be harmful to pets. To make matters worse, many pets love to chew on and eat household foliage. With that said, it is a smart idea for you to learn about poisonous plants for dogs and plants poisonous to cats.

Holiday Plants That Are Poisonous To Pets

Poisonous Holiday Plants to Pets

Holiday Plants and Pets do Not Mix, avoid these plants when decorating your home:


While the poinsettia is not actually poisonous, it does contain a type of sap that can irritate the lining of your pet’s esophagus causing nausea and/or vomiting ( vomiting in dogs and cats ). Nevertheless, since many of these plants may be sprayed with various chemicals before they are sold, there is a real concern of your pet ingesting the chemicals, which can lead to seizures, coma and even death.

Daffodils and Lilies

Plant bulb kits featuring such holiday plants as lilies and daffodils are popular gifts during the holiday season. However, you will want to be aware that these bulbs are highly toxic to cats and dogs and can cause such pet health problems as  kidney failure, seizures, cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal upsets and death.

Mistletoe and Holly

Mistletoe and Holly plants, along with their berries, can also be toxic to your pet. If your dog or cat ingests one of these plants or its berries, it may exhibit such symptoms as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, intestinal upset and/or excessive drooling. When ingested in large quantities, mistletoe and holly can cause breathing problems, sudden drops in blood pressure, seizures and death.

Christmas Trees

There is a vast array of dangers associated with both real and artificial Christmas trees. First of all, fresh pine needles contain an oil that can cause gastrointestinal upsets and vomiting. Additionally, both real and fake needles can result in gastrointestinal obstructions and/or punctures. Aside from the tree itself, Christmas ornaments can present problems to your pets as well, especially if they are made of glass. Furthermore, tinsel can cause obstructions in the intestines, and Christmas tree lights can present electrical shock hazards if your pet happens to chew on their cords. Find here how to Pet-Proof Your Decorations for Christmas.

Other Plants Poisonous to Cats and Dogs

These are just a few of the top holiday plants that are potentially poisonous to pets. Other plants you will want to keep away from your furry family members include the Christmas cactus and the Amaryllis. Both of these plants can cause gastrointestinal upsets, vomiting, diarrhea and/or lethargy in your cat or dog.

When you are decorating your home for the holidays, keep in mind that many ornamental plants can be toxic to your cherished pets. As such, a good alternative is to invest in artificial plants instead. Keeping ornaments and tinsel out of reach of your pets can help avoid any danger for your dog or cat as well: Pet-Proofing your Decorations for Christmas.