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How To Pamper Your Cat This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, and your cat expresses love for you through purrs, face rubs and lap warming snuggles throughout the year. Consider these ideas to bestow your expressions of affection this Valentine’s Day in appreciation of your feline friend.

How To Pamper Your Cat This Valentines Day

Valentines Day Cats

Valentine Toys Many of the pet supply retail warehouses are stocked with cat toys that are designed on a Valentine’s Day theme, from catnip hearts to red and pink mice to laser pointers that shine bright crimson hearts as an alternative to the famed dot for cats to chase up the wall and across the floor. If you have knitting or sewing talents, have a crafty afternoon with your cat as you make some unique Valentine toys yourself. A child’s knitting machine, which can be purchased in discount stores and craft shops, is easy to operate and can crank out a collection of red, white, pink and purple mice in no time to be uniquely decorated and filled with catnip for your kitty’s delight. Be sure to keep sewing thread and loose yarn out of your cat’s reach.

Cat collar – New Bling If your cat wears a collar, select a new one with an appropriate color or pattern for the holiday. Choose a collar with a heart motif or a new red or pink collar that is studded with glittering rhinestones. Be sure to choose a collar with a safety clasp that can break away if your cat gets caught on something. You can add some extra bling by adding a shiny new heart-shaped identification tag. If your hairless breed or older cat normally dons sweaters to stay warm during winter’s drafty chills, look for a new one that exhibits the colors and patterns of the holiday to complete the fashion ensemble.

Sweets for Your Sweet Kitty You cannot share your chocolate with your furry friend since it is a toxic substance for cats, but you can dole out some treats that your cat will enjoy. Consider finding a recipe for homemade cat treats and baking for your kitty. If the task seems too daunting, indulge in an assortment of new gourmet cat treats from a local pet boutique.

Special of the Day If your cat’s diet usually consists of dry kibble, spoil her on Valentine’s Day with a premium gourmet canned kitty entrée. Some cans contain such ingredients as lobster or duck. If your cat typically clamors for a sample of your cooking or tries to sneak onto the table to inspect your plate, consider cooking something special for her. Be sure that you serve small bite portions, and use only ingredients that are safe for cats and that her tummy can tolerate. It does not have to be complicated. Three large shrimp that have been boiled, cooled and minced may meager and bland to you, but for your cat, this rare treat is heavenly. If you are feeling generous, consider mincing some claw meat from your lobster and serving it to your kitty to let her dine in fine style for the holiday.

Deluxe and Lasting Consider a splurge that will keep your cat entertained all year. Install a napping perch on a sunny windowsill, and erect a bird feeder outside within close view from that window. Valentine’s Day falls during the winter season when the birds are hungry. Start the feeding frenzy and your cat will be a captive audience from inside the safe and warm confines of home. During the warmer months, a planted garden outside of the window will attract butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees and the birds of summer to keep your cat amused.

Remember that love extends far beyond one marked date on the calendar. Be sure to lavish plenty of praise, cuddles, interactive playtime and petting sessions on your beloved cat all year long. Showing your love also includes taking care of your cat. Make signing your cat up for a health care policy on Valentine’s Day a loving step toward keeping her healthy for years to come. Do you have any happy valentines day images with cats ? Upload them on our blog.

Happy valentines day from the cat Pixie! This adorable Himalayan kitty is our Chief Meowing Officer. Meet Pixie here!