All About Cats

It’s all about cats, over the last quarter of a century, cats have surpassed the canine species to claim the spotlight as the most popular pet in American households. Their independence-inspired ease of care, purring comfort, elegant beauty, entertaining antics and their adaptability to today’s lifestyles have earned them more welcoming homes and loving families than ever before.

All About Cats

History of cats

The history of cats, from humble beginnings.   Today’s domestic cats all share the common ancestor of the African Wildcat. The Ancient Egyptians first interacted with cats by welcoming them into the villages and caves and enlisting them as vermin hunters to control the rodent population and protect their grain supply. The cat performed these duties so effectively that she was soon revered to be an incarnation of the goddess Bastet. Domesticated cats were brought to Italy by Phoenician traders and then subsequently spread throughout Europe and eventually made their way to the New World with the pilgrims. A period of persecution took hold during the Middle Ages and cats were then considered to be an agent of the devil and the blame for many of society’s misfortunes. Fortunately, these beliefs were pushed aside by the eighteenth century and the cat ’s popularity as a household companion has been rising ever since.

Cat facts

Are You Jealous? If a cat ’s astounding popularity, remarkable agility and physical prowess or enhanced senses of sight, sound and smell fail to make you green with envy, perhaps these tidbits and fast cat facts will:

  • As you prepare to leave the house each morning for a day in the trenches, your cat decides to sleep in. Cats spend two-thirds of their day snoozing blissfully.
  • In 1963, one French cat named Felicette boldly went where no cat had gone before. Reaching for new heights, she was the first cat sent into space and made a successful return home.
  • Cats never need to open a map or stop to ask for directions. Lost cats have traveled long and far to find their way home to a joyful reunion.

Many Types of Cats! Choosing a cat may not be easy. The Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association recognize more than 60 cat breeds.

The smallest domestic cat breed is the Singapura. Other small cat breeds include:

The title of largest domestic cat belongs to the Savannah. Other large cat breeds include:

For those who crave the unusual, consider these three hairless cat breeds :

Go to the cat breed list  for more cat info from  small, large, domestic, exotic to hairless cats.

Be sure to also consider adoption from one of the many animal shelters  and cat rescue facilities that are full of cats in need of loving homes.

Felines are affectionate pets that bond closely with their owners. Despite their independence and easy care, they require human interaction as well regular veterinary checkups in order to thrive. With your love and care, you and your feline friend will enjoy a rewarding relationship.

What fun facts can you find about your favorite feline breeds ? Read more about cat toys  and exotic cats  and browse through this website to learn more about your four-legged, purring friend.