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The Most Popular Cat Breeds In The Us

There are over forty-five cat breeds to choose from when pondering a new feline family member for your household. Each cat breed comes with its own unique physical characteristics and personality traits to consider. Once you find a breed that captures your attention, be sure to do your homework and research the breed’s specific needs to ensure that the cat will be a perfect match for your family and lifestyle. These popular cat breeds are enriching the lives of their owners throughout the United State s.

The Most Popular Cat Breeds In The Us

Cat Breeds List

Luxurious Locks

The Persian has long been coveted for its glamorous longhaired coat and round, pushed in face. A sweet, gentle and charming disposition makes the Persian  a good companion for most families. Efforts must be made daily, however, to maintain their luxurious coats.

Long or Short, You Can Get the Point Cats that show off pointed coats are described as possessing darker shading on their masks, legs, ears and tails than on the rest of their bodies. The most notable example of such a coat belongs to the Siamese.


Originating in Thailand, Siamese cats exhibit three body structure types.

  • The traditional Siamese  displays a rounder face and fuller body.
  • The classic Siamese  is classified by its streamlined physique and angular face.
  • The modern Siamese  appears longer and slimmer, with larger ears and a wedge-shaped face.

Siamese  are very vocal and will converse with their owners all day. They also insist on participating in all of their humans’ activities.

For those who love the pointed look but prefer a longer coat, the sweet and loving Himalayan  offers the longhaired beauty of the Persian  and the pointed shading of the Siamese. Both Siamese  and Himalayans gaze upon their world through stunning blue eyes.

Big and Beautiful For those who dote on large and lovely, there are two longhaired cats  that are considerably larger in stature than the average domesticated cat.

  • Ragdolls boast defined pointed markings and blue eyes. Ragdolls  are easily trained, adaptable to most household settings, gentle and good-natured.
  • Maine Coons come in an array of coat colors and patterns. Maine Coons are gentle giants with loyal personalities. Their favorite place to be is on their favorite owner’s lap and their keen hunting instincts will gift owners with proud presents of prey.

Walk On the Wild Side The sleek, exotic looks of a wild cat have enabled the Bengal to take the cat world by storm. This breed, characterized by a smooth coat of striking rosette, marbled or spotted patterns, is a hybrid of domestic cat with  Wild Asian Leopard Cat in its breeding line. These cats are full of personality and character. Bengals  love to play, perform feats of agility throughout their home and find mischief to entertain their owners.

Whichever cat breed  strikes your fancy, once you have determined that its needs and character will fit into your household perfectly, your new feline friend will thrive with plenty of love, care and focused attention from all members of the home.

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